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Glopro Founder Introduces Skin-Care, Power Patch Ranges

Beauty Bioscience's Core Collection has 10 products to start.

Beauty Bioscience, the parent company of microneedling device Glopro, is about to triple its offerings and launch two new categories.

Today, the skin-care company will introduce the 10-product Core Collection, as well as a Power Patch Collection, a range of targeted masks for face and body that is drenched in a cocktail of active ingredients.

“People say, ‘What should I use with Glopro?’ You can use whatever you want with it, but the way the ingredients are packaged and the way we designed the active ingredients system is essentially, if you think about it, like a suitcase,” said Jamie O’Banion, cofounder and chief executive officer of Beauty Bioscience, of the topical Core Collection.

The range is priced at $35 for a cleanser, $75 to $95 for serums and $150 for a three-step retinol-based The Reversal treatment — the hero of the collection. The rose gold packaged range is divided into five categories — Cleanse, Treat, Hydrate, Protect and Enhance — with a rollout of additional products in the fall and during the fourth quarter.

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“The actives are loaded into this suitcase delivery system that once they travel down the micro-channels that you created through microneedling, they reach the lower layers of the skin. There are enzymes that are present in the dermis that aren’t present in the epidermis in upper layers of skin, and your skin ‘unpacks this suitcase’ and you get 100 percent of the concentration of these active ingredients when you’re using them together with a Glopro,” O’Banion explained.

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Glopro’s rapid ascent to cult status since its launch less than a year-and-a-half-ago has given O’Banion the assurance that a skin-care line could perform similarly. That, and the fact that her family’s Dallas-based lab has spent the past four decades doing product development for scores of global prestige brands.

The Glopro
The Glopro Courtesy Photo

Previously, a very small assortment under the Beauty Bioscience name was only sold on HSN, but O’Banion is gearing up for a full-scale retail rollout. Today, entirely new formulas, branding, packaging and a souped up version of the existing three-step treatment — now called R45 The Reversal — goes on sale at Bergdorf Goodman. The collection will enter all counters at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus the first week of September.

In addition to topical products, the 35-year-old entrepreneur described the Power Patch range as a mask-type solution that targets popular trouble areas beyond the face — from above the knees to the stomach to the backs of thighs.

She said patches stick to the skin and are dry on the other side — so one can be worn for extended periods and under clothing. And similar to the skin care, she suggested that optimal Power Patch results occur post-Glopro usage.

“The patches form this microclimate and pump active ingredients into the skin, so after you microneedle you can literally put a seal with this power patch onto your skin and it pumps and locks in those active ingredients. It kind of microwaves your results; the whole concept is faster and bigger results,” O’Banion said, calling it Beauty Bioscience’s “most playful collection” of the three.

Patches for eyes and above the knees (“Bright Eyes” and “Knockout Knees,” respectively) will launch first, followed by versions for abs, under arms, the backside, thighs and smile lines — each containing ingredients designed to target that specific area. Sets of eight reusable patches will range from $40 to $75.

“It’s a white space, nothing existed [like these patches]. I talked to dermatologist and plastic surgeon friends about twentysomethings coming in for wrinkles above their knees. We started doing focus group testing; it’s a real problem,” O’Banion said.

If Beauty Bioscience’s entrance into product is anywhere near as successful as Glopro, the skin-care line is already primed for strong sales.

During GloPro’s first nine months on the market in 2016, the device reportedly hit close to $30 million in retail sales. Beauty Bioscience, overall, is on track to see triple-digit growth this year, and industry sources project that retail sales for 2017 — the company’s first full year in business — will hit $70 million. O’Banion declined to comment on sales figures.