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Golden Door Spa to Launch Skin Care on HSN

The shopping network expects the line’s inner and outer beauty approach to resonate with its consumers.

HSN is jumping on the wellness train.

The network is launching products from the Golden Door Luxury Resort & Spa — the famed Escondido, Calif.-based mind and body retreat — starting in January. The business hosts about 40 people per week on its 600-acre property who then focus on exercise, nutrition and spa treatments. Both Golden Door’s natural beauty products and artisanal food products will be sold on the network.

Golden Door's Bamboo Scrub.
Golden Door’s Bamboo Scrub. Donald L. Carlton

The brand will launch its Soothing Cleansing Foam, Bamboo Face Scrub, Moisture Rich Serum, Golden Peel-A-Way Mask and Daily Renewal Treatment on the channel, as well as additional products, like the Hydrating Cleansing Milk, Soothing Toner, Hydrating Moisturizer, Yuzu Body Oil and other products online. The HSN distribution for both food and skin care could add between $1 million and $2 million in sales to Golden Door, according to industry sources.

“It’s all about health, inner beauty and outer beauty,” said Alicia Valencia, senior vice president of beauty merchandising at HSN, talking about Golden Door. “Our platform at HSN is really about helping women feel better and more confident…this is a brand that is totally on that platform.”

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“It’s a really interesting conversation to take a world famous resort spa and have the wellness conversation about your skin and your body with us,” said Kathy Van Ness, chief executive officer at Golden Door. “We have a real story to tell because we do this every single week…we want to be able to communicate with guests beyond the golden doors…there’s this way of taking what we do here on the property and extending it externally,” Van Ness said.

“We are a luxury property,” said Van Ness. “It’s cool, and with our charitable arm, this is a really interesting new platform to be able not only to have a strategic partner on the revenue side, but also one on the giving side.” (Golden Door started a foundation in 2013 that donates to a handful of charities.)

The network’s interest in Golden Door products was piqued after Valencia made a visit to the spa in April, she said. “It’s a beautiful place but the luxury is in how they treat their guests and the message,” Valencia said. “When we really sat down with the [research and development] folks and tried the products…we were quite frankly surprised that they were using a lot of natural ingredients and that they were able to get the clinicals and the claims they were able to get…what is really compelling is when you show before and afters.”