MILAN — Italian beauty firm Hekatè is taking personalized beauty products to the next level with face creams that can be tailored to the customer’s personal needs.

Named after the greek goddess Hekate, who guided the souls of the dead, the start-up wants to guide customers to the best products for their skin type.

“Hekatè is an online platform that allows customers to select the active ingredients and the fragrance of their own face cream,” said Francesco Rizzotti, who founded the company with Alberto Mina.

Hekatè was launched from the request of Rizotti’s girlfriend Aurélie Sabatier, now Hekatè’s design and product manager, for personalized skin care. Rizzotti, a chemical engineer, developed a line of creams that are completely customizable.

Through the start-up’s website, which launched in October, customers can create the product most suitable for their skin by following a selection process, comprising nine steps.

The system can be used by anyone, regardless of knowledge of ingredients, and starts with the selection of the cream’s name, followed by choosing the intensity of moisturizing, anti-age and anti-acne effects. The next step is to define the skin type with up to five features and choosing up to four effects, such as lifting and soothing. After hitting the “compose” button, the customer is guided through the process of selecting among 14 active ingredients, nine extracts and five fragrances to compose the product.

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“There are paths of customization to make the platform accessible to everyone,” Rizzotti said. “Novices can select the active ingredients by indicating the skin type and desired effect. We have ingredients that meet the wanted [effects], so we formulate and produce the product, then send it home with a custom label.”

The chosen product is then composed in laboratories in Bardolino in the Veneto region, which takes up to three weeks to finish. Hekatè uses environmentally friendly materials. The first delivery consists of a  50-ml cream, roughly 1.7 oz., packaged in a recyclable aluminum cartridge, which can be plugged into a reusable drop-shaped mahogany wood jar. Upon request, the jar can be laser-inscribed with the customer’s name.

Prices for the personal face cream start at 29 euros, or $31 at current exchange, and can go up to 100 euros, or $106, depending on the ingredients. Hekatè is running a Kickstarter campaign and hoping to reach 15,000 euros, or $15,900, by Dec. 5 to finish the laboratory setup, acquire machinery and kick off production.

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