Cost, convenience, customization and time are key to the new facial concept Heyday.

“When you leave a spa, most don’t engage with you at all until you come back the next time,” said Michael Pollak, cofounder and chief brand officer of Heyday. “Our job is to continue that education and conversation after you walk out of our space.”

Each facial, which is led by Jeni Sykes, head aesthetician and general manager, is customized to the consumer, using a variety of all-natural brands like Grown Alchemist, Naturopathica and Image Skincare in addition to a Heyday skin care range that includes Citrus Purifying Cleanser, $22, and Daily Antioxidant Cleanser, $28.

Meanwhile, the facial menu is simple: 30 minutes for $60 or 50 minutes for $95. Also, clients can purchase microdermabrasion and other treatments for $35 in addition to packages so they can get their facial fix on a consistent basis.

The company said the customization aspect is something most spas lack. Adam Ross, cofounder and chief executive officer of Heyday, and Pollak found white space and a need for affordable, personalized, consistent and high-quality facials.

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“The high cost of spa amenities leads to high-priced services,” said Ross. “We’re bringing facials out of the spa and into people’s lives.”

To that end, the flagship spa, which will open in late May in New York City’s NoMad area, is a nod to New York with its airy downtown loft vibe featuring hard-wood floors, high ceilings and tiled walls. At the front of the store will be a retail shop with brands used in the spa. Also, there will be phone chargers and a space in the back where clients can reapply their makeup after a service.

Julia Petrini, Heyday’s head of sales and retail operations added, “[Heyday] is about touching all senses and really making people feel very welcome and not intimidated.”