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HydroPeptide Brings New Collagen Support Complex to the Market

Created by Dr. Marcel Nimni and Dr. Neal Kitchen, the new HydroPeptide Nimni Cream has a patented collagen support complex that’s meant to promote healthy cells.

HydroPeptide, the prestige brand known for its use of peptides to target skin-care issues, is releasing its latest innovation: an antiaging face cream infused with a new collagen support complex.

Created by Dr. Marcel Nimni, who discovered Type II Collagen, and geneticist Dr. Neal Kitchen, the Nimni Cream is meant to rejuvenate the skin by targeting fibroblasts, which are cells that produce collagen.

“The collagen support complex provides the essential nutrients and raw materials that will lead to optimal beauty and cellular health,” Kitchen said. “The patented technology focuses on our understanding of how collagen is made and the cellular factors required for its production.”

The technology supports the overall health of the fibroblasts, which in turn improves and maximizes the cell’s ability to produce healthy collagen.

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“I realized the difficulty posed by the skin barrier in allowing penetration of a variety of small and large molecules,” said Nimni on how he formulated the product. “Through studying transdermal drug delivery, I realized that agents that were able to modify the lipid barrier that links epidermal cells to each other could help in this process.”

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The cream also incorporates a small amount of time release retinol to support the collagen technology. Together, the cream is said to benefit expression lines, wrinkles, firmness, hyperpigmentation and uneven texture.

“Our objective has been to prevent or at least delay the thinning of the dermis by enhancing the synthesis of macromolecules, collagen and hyaluronic acid,” Nimni continued. “We believe that [the technology] will not only play a role in cosmetics but can also protect us from the damage associated with minor trauma to the skin.”

The brand expects to extend the technology to a collection of collagen boosting products for the eye, décolleté and body.

Available April 20, the Nimni Cream can be found at various spas, dermatologist offices and aesthetic medical clinics as well as the brand’s web site, Dermstore.com and Skinstore.com. The cream will be sold in a 0.5-f.l o.z. jar for $110 and a 1.7-f.l. o.z. jar for $220.