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Hyper Delivers Skin-Care Results for a Generation That Doesn’t Like to Wait

Vitamin C is back as a go-to ingredient in skin care and a pioneer in using it topically is rolling out a line designed to yield fast results.

Younger consumers are notorious for demanding immediate results from skin care. In fact, that’s been one of the stumbling blocks for building brand loyalty with Millennials and Generation Z, according to Dr. Eddie Omar, research scientist, natural product chemist and chief executive officer of Phyto-C. It even is one reason some experts think younger people turn to procedures at an early age.

Omar hopes a new line from Phyto-C — founded by his father Mostafa, who is called the father of liquid L-Ascorbic Acid by the National Cancer Institute for inventing stable topical vitamin C — will offer a younger audience the rapid results they crave. Called Hyper, it — fittingly — delivers visible results in four days, he said. In conjunction with branching out, the company relaunched its web site and will activate its first influencer push.

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“I created the Hyper formulas for today’s client who wants results they can see quickly. Frustrated by false promises and marketing claims that require month’s long compliances, these clients no longer have the patience, or the trust, in clinical skin care,” Dr. Mostafa Omar stated.

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Phyto-C is known for stalwart performers such as its Selenium in C Serum and the Superheal Collection featuring SuperHeal O-Live Extract. But new technology employed in its production process opened the door for more effective delivery.

Hyper has been in development for four years and uses a new technology H2A2, which stands for hyper absorbing hyaluronic acid. Key to that is H2A2  technology, which produces very small molecules of hyaluronic acid the skin can easily absorb. To achieve this, the company shears down the hyaluronic acid in two separate stages of manufacturing — a meticulous process that takes two days. The process brings together the company’s heritage in small batch production with the technology to improve results through better absorption.

“As technology and science continue to evolve, it allows us to further our research and develop products that work better and more efficiently. Ultimately, our goal is to help people overcome their problems quickly and safely,” Eddie Omar said. To meet with younger consumers’ demand for high-performance formulas with fewer toxic chemicals, Hyper is 95 percent natural.

The four-piece collection targets specific skin concerns. And includes: Hyper-C, to rejuvenate the appearance of dull skin; Hyper-White, for discolored skin; Hyper-Life, which fills in fine lines and wrinkles, and Hyper-Hydrate to hydrate skin. Prices range from $55 to $70, slightly below the existing portfolio. Hyper is sold online at and at pre-approved medical professionals and skin therapists offices globally.