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Inglot’s First Foray into Skin Care

The brand's first range in the skin care space is made up of three tinted toners, for dry, normal and oily skin types.

Known for its large selection of bold color cosmetics shades, Inglot is tapping into skin care with its line of Multi-Action Toners.

“[Founder, Woljeciech Inglot’s] philosophy was always about seeing results,” said Hayden Tee, the brand’s creative director. “Not necessarily treatment products, which is why its surprising, but an exciting turn to get into skin care.”

Launching this week, the range, Inglot’s first in the skin care space, is made up of three tinted toners, for dry, normal and oily skin types. While not meant to add coverage, each contains colored pigments claiming to help soothe skin. “Toners are the first step in preparing makeup,” explained Tee.

“Your makeup is only going to look as good as your skin underneath.”

The dry formulation, which is tinted orange, is made up of lily extract to moisturize and brighten. Created for normal skin, the pale pink-colored liquid has black pearl extract to help even out skin tone. And produced for oily complexions, the green formula uses gingko extract to control acne and irritation.

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“The makeup artist doesn’t have the luxury to prep the models skin for eight weeks before a shoot,” said Tee, “but these toners prepare the skin to look beautiful immediately.”

The new Multi-Action Toners will be sold in 420 doors in over 50 countries and there are plans to launch more skin care in the coming year. While executives declined to comment on sales projections, industry sources estimated that Multi-Action Toners could do $1 million at retail in its first year on counter.

According to Tee, the brand is also in growth mode and is opening an average of 2.3 locations per week, with plans to open 25 doors by the end of year.