InstaNatural's revamped product packaging.

InstaNatural is restaging to step onto a bigger stage.

Already a leading beauty resource on Amazon, the brand is rolling out upgraded packaging and products this month, to reach an audience beyond the world’s largest e-tailer. The efforts could help push the brand from generating an estimated $17 million in revenues last year to its goal of becoming a $100 million business.

“The core reason why we needed to change our packaging was because it was created for the Amazon experience,” said Ethelbert Williams, chief marketing officer at InstaNatural. “The Amazon shopper is not brand-led. She’s led by ingredients, problem solutions and how-tos. We created a design that spoke to that, but we have to speak more broadly and elevate who we are as we move into new channels. It’s been a lot of work.”

In the four months since he joined the brand, Williams has toiled feverishly, with a marketing team of about 10, to place InstaNatural’s packaging under the microscope and determine the right tweaks to suit a multipronged retail strategy. Conveying a focus on purity and performance, the updated packaging is white, emphasizes the brand’s name over product names and incorporates bright bird-of-paradise graphics.

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“The bird-of-paradise is a powerful image, and it represents our commitment to using the best ingredients that we can. It was chosen purposefully, and it is a beautiful symbol of what we are doing,” said Donna Fuller, marketing manager at InstaNatural. “We have very discerning customers who we are speaking to, and it represents the excellence that we bring to them.”

In addition to refreshing its packaging, Williams underscored, InstaNatural is quickening its launch cadence and tailoring merchandise, particularly with bundles and kits, to specific retailers. “Skin care is a high-margin category for many [online] merchants, and there is a bit of a land grab. We have retailers who literally cannot get enough assortment in this category,” he said. “Our range of new items speaks to the demand and the excitement to have products online and accessible to their shoppers.”

InstaNatural is introducing six new products, on a course to unveiling roughly a dozen throughout the remainder of this year. Priced from $13.95 to $21.97, the products are Fractionated Coconut Oil, Glycolic Cleanser, Moroccan Rose Water, Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, Vitamin C Moisturizer and Vitamin C Serum. In total, InstaNatural’s selection includes around 60 products made with natural and organic ingredients that address sensitive skin, enlarged pores, acne and blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and lines and wrinkles.

While Amazon accounts for more than 90 percent of InstaNatural’s sales, that percentage is decreasing as the brand widens its distribution network. InstaNatural is available on eBay and, and will enter next quarter. “We have the ability to make Amazon not the majority of our pie. The two biggest retailers in our pipeline are and, and those two channels will be bigger than Amazon once we execute,” said Williams. “We want to diversify and work with omnichannel retailers, where we can move into other aspects of their distribution.”

Expansion into physical stores isn’t in InstaNatural’s immediate plans, but the brand is prepping its infrastructure to support large brick-and-mortar retailers. “We have to figure out the right journey for how we get there. We are learning a lot, operationally and supply-chain-wise. We are a nimble, growing company,” said Williams. “We have to make sure we have the right assortment to cater to the retail opportunities, with the right value proposition, pricing and packaging. We have to have our costs right, and the right vendors to source from, that can scale with us.”