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Jodie Comer Gets Her Beauty Sleep in New Ad for Noble Panacea Overnight Mask

The “Killing Eve” actress stars in a mysterious and moody film short to promote the Chronobiology Overnight Sleep Mask.

LONDON — Fashion and beauty just can’t get enough of “Killing Eve,” with skin care brand Noble Panacea the latest this week to tap into the show’s dark glamour.

On Wednesday, Noble Panacea will release a short film that shows Jodie Comer, its brand ambassador and star of the popular TV series, sweeping through the halls of a grand old hotel. She finds a mysterious suitcase in her suite, and later falls asleep while the brand’s new Chronobiololgy overnight mask gets to work on her face.

The direction and set mimic those in “Killing Eve,” while the voiceover is meant to come from a Comer “of the future,” one who has regularly taken care of her skin while she sleeps. Unlike in “Killing Eve,” there is no violence or psychological trickery, just a gal in a luxury hotel room having a good night’s rest.

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The Emmy Award-winning Comer, who is best known for her role as Villanelle in the hit series, became Noble Panacea’s first global brand ambassador in 2020.

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Since then, she has been working with the brand on its sustainability and women’s empowerment efforts. Noble Panacea also works closely with Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation program that works toward worldwide gender equality.

Jodie Comer Gets Her Beauty Sleep
Noble Panacea’s new Overnight Mask. Courtesy Image

Comer has described the brand as “forward thinking, authentic and innovative” and said she believes in its integrity. “In return, the team believes in me, which is deeply encouraging and exemplifies what Noble Panacea stands for.”

The brand’s chief executive officer, Céline Talabaza, said the new mask works with “the skin biorhythm and the distinct phases our skin goes through at night thanks to the sequential ingredient release” of the brand’s unique technology. She said the mask delivers “powerful ingredients at the right time, and the right place, all night long.”

She said the movie is about “being at the right place, at the right time. As we follow Jodie in her chase in the gorgeous building of The Rosewood Hotel, we discover hidden hints in almost every frame and, as the pressure is increasing, she finally reaches her goal. Her definition of an ‘exceptional night’ will never be the same.”

Noble Panacea was founded on the research of Sir Fraser Stoddart, a 2016 Nobel Prize Winner for Chemistry who, with his team, developed “molecular machines,” molecules with controllable movements that can perform tasks when energy is added.

Stoddart patented Organic Molecular Vessel technology, which the brand said allows for its targeted, time-release products.

The short starring Comer is the second time this week that “Killing Eve” has been used to promote new product.

As reported on Friday, Hunter has struck a deal with the TV series, creating a capsule collection that features two new styles: a mid-calf boot called “The Hunting,” which is available in black and olive, and a knee-high style named “The Chasing,” in black, olive or camel.

Comer’s character Villanelle is known for her dramatic on-screen style, and has worn looks by brands including Molly Goddard, Halpern and Batsheva.