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June Jacobs Launches Rapid Repair Healing Cream

June Jacobs launches a healing cream that helped her battle breast cancer.

In January 2013, June Jacobs was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. During this unfortunate journey, her skin was damaged and Jacobs set out to create a cream that could help regenerate her fragile skin.

“I sat down after my seventh radiation session and I figured out what ingredients could help me,” said Jacobs. “I have given Dr. Ng, my radiation oncologist, over 700 tubes of this cream, which he has used successfully on all of his patients at Cornell.”

Launching in October during Breast Cancer Awareness month, June Jacobs Rapid Repair Healing Cream blends edelweiss extract and imperatoria extract to combat inflammation. The cream, which was clinically tested by Clinical Research Laboratories Inc., demonstrated an improvement in terms of reducing the side effects of post radiation dermatitis.

“We wanted this to have other attributes that would be good not only for the oncology area, but also for moisturization,” said Dr. Bruce E. Kanengiser, a board certified ophthalmologist and chief executive officer and founder of Clinical Research Laboratories Inc.

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Rose Apolito, chief science officer at June Jacobs noted that the product is meant to mimic the skin’s natural barrier.

“There are two focuses in the medical field; one is to improve outcomes in terms of making sure the disease doesn’t come back,” said Ng. “And the other is to reduce side effects and this [cream] is something that patients will benefit from.”

Priced at $60, the cream will be sold on and during the month of October 25 percent of net proceeds will be donated to The Anne Moore Breast Cancer Research Fund. Also, the company is planning to sell the cream in radiation oncology suites, a first for the June Jacobs brand.

Although Jacobs wouldn’t talk financials, industry sources estimate that the Rapid Repair Healing Cream could do $5 million in its first year on shelves.

But that’s not the only thing in store for the spa-oriented brand.

Currently, the company is in talks to expand into select U.S. retailers in addition to its spa distribution.

Also, June Jacobs is going into about 300 Sephora doors in China and its expanding to Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.

Meanwhile, the line has been repackaged to reflect a more modern, color-coded, youthful design while maintaining its spa heritage.

“We’ve seen the demand for the product grow,” said Rochelle Jacobs, managing director of June Jacobs. “We needed to make [the packaging] more accessible.”