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Kanebo Targets Senior Women

The new skin-care line is to capitalize on a growing demographic in Japan.

TOKYO — Kanebo has launched a new skin-care line targeting a key and growing demographic in Japan — women in their 60s. Called Twany Glow, the line was developed to help replenish essential oils in the skin.

According to Kanebo, women 60 and over comprise nearly 40 percent of Japan’s total cosmetics-using population of women aged 15 through 89. The country now has 9.31 million women in their 60s, representing 17 percent of the total female population. But what is unique about this demographic is that these women tend to be quite active, even more active than Japanese women in their 50s.

Per capita spending is also greatest among households of the 60- to 69-year age group, and Kanebo says this generation is highly conscious about matters relating to beauty and skin care.

“Women in their 60s belong to Japan’s baby boomer generation, which has been at the forefront of mass consumption, and they care about their appearance,” Twany brand manager Yukio Makino said. “Our research revealed that 90 percent of these women use skin care on a daily or almost daily basis, which is a higher ratio than for younger generations.”

Kanebo notes that studies have shown women in their 60s who have gone through menopause show changes in their skin, including decreases in sebum and increased dryness.

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“Until recently in Japan, emphasis was placed on young and middle-aged customers and women in their 50s and older tended to get grouped into one big segment. But for women in their 60s — who represent the majority of Japan’s cosmetics-using population — skin care that fulfills their particular lifestyles, spending patterns and beauty needs is essential,” Makino said.

Kanebo’s Twany Glow line includes a cleansing cream, facial soap, lotion, emulsion and a cream. Prices range from 1,800 to 5,000 yen, or about $15 to $42.