The Sekkisei MYV lineup

Kosé Corp is launching a new line of high-end skincare products under the banner of its Sekkisei brand, which is known for its drugstore distribution in Japan. The Japanese beauty company, a smaller rival to Shiseido and Kanebo, said it plans to sell the new products at Sekkisei counters both in Japan and abroad.

The Japanese beauty company’s new line, called Sekkisei MYV (pronounced “miyabi”), will initially consist of four products released on Sep. 16. There will be a face wash (5,000 yen, or $49), a lotion (10,000 yen, or $98), a face oil (also 10,000 yen, or $98), and a cream (20,000 yen, or $196). At the time of the launch, they will be at the brand’s two counters in the western Japanese city of Osaka, but the brand said it also plans to make them available outside Japan. The MYV line is priced higher than regular Sekkisei-branded products.

Each of the items in the Sekkisei MYV line is designed to be used on its own. The products contain extracts of Job’s tears, a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia. They have a fragrance that is similar to the floral scent of the main Sekkisei line, but with spicy notes added in.

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