Of all the Kardashians,  eldest sister Kourtney has been the most vocal about health, wellness and clean beauty. In town for tea last week at the Baccarat Hotel to promote her new ambassador role with Manuka Doctor, a New Zealand-based skin-care brand that formulates its products with manuka honey, the reality TV star and mother of three told WWD that efforts to convert the rest of her famous family to some of her healthy habits have proven futile.

“Even my mom recently started shopping at the markets I tell her to go to and slowly making changes, but then I’ll go to her house and it’s, ‘Where’s this?’ [or] ‘Where’s that?’ and I’ll get really annoyed looking at her refrigerator,” said Kardashian. “If you don’t understand why, it’s hard to make the change.”

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Kardashian herself prefers to grocery shop at Erewhon, a natural-food store favored by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and the Beckham family with locations in Los Angeles and Calabasas, for pre-made green juices and gluten and dairy-free snacks.

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“They have this [drink called] Germ Warfare that if you feel like you’re getting sick, it’s a little shot that you take. Ginger, turmeric — I don’t know, it’s crazy [and] every time I take it I feel like I’m going to throw up, but if you feel like you’re getting sick it kills it right away.”

Her sisters aren’t taking the bait.

“None of them really listen to me for any of my crazy ways. They do in little doses — I always educate them as much as I can,” she said.