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Former La Prairie Execs Launch Beauty, Wellness Concept

The business will launch skin-care line Planted in Beauty in April.

The overlap between food and beauty is only becoming more official.

Two former La Prairie executives are launching a new concept — Well Within — that connects the dots between beauty, nutrition and wellness. The business will launch, complete with a seven-product skin-care line, in mid-April.

Well Within is the brainchild of cofounders Lynne Florio, formerly global brand president, and Renee Tavoularis, formerly vice president of global e-commerce and digital marketing, at La Prairie.

“It’s grounded in skin care — the beauty sector we know best — but [Well Within] is inclusive of nutrition and lifestyle to really embrace a holistic approach to beauty wellness,” Florio said. “The connection between the products you put on your skin and the nutrition and lifestyle choices are really integrated into your skin health and overall well-being.”

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The company’s April launch will include skin-care line Planted in Beauty, as well as its web site, which features thorough product ingredient breakdowns as well as recipes and wellness coaching options. Industry sources projected the business could do about $1 million in sales in its first 12 months.

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Product-wise, Florio and Tavoularis formulated Planted in Beauty as a transparent (every ingredient, even the ones in fragrance, is listed on the packaging), cruelty-free, chemical-free, Environmental Working Group-certified, organic line. Key ingredients vary by-product, but all are derived from plants.

Former La Prairie Execs Launch Well Within
Firm + Smooth + Brighten Reparative Complex

The lineup includes Purify & Condition Makeup Remover, Soothe & Soften Cleansing Emulsion, Polish & Resurface Detox Exfoliant, Balance & Calm Toning Lotion, Firm & Smooth & Brighten Reparative Complex, Depuff & Illuminate Eye Firming Complex and Nourish & Protect Antioxidant Moisturizer. Prices range from $65 to $200, and the products are housed in airless packaging with piston pumps. Planted in Beauty will also sell a travel set of all seven products for $30.

“We wanted the line to be very clear and edited, we didn’t want our consumer to have to guess,” Florio said. “Probably some of them are a little long, but we wanted the name to say exactly what the product does.”

The products will launch direct-to-consumer, sold exclusively on the company’s web site. The idea is to create a sense of community — those interested or already immersed in plant-based or wellness-oriented lifestyles can come to the web site not just to buy products but for recipes and stories on nutrition and lifestyle. Food content will come from Florio and Tavoularis, a certified nutrition health coach, as well as certified chefs. That chef group has already created about 60 recipes exclusively for Well Within, according to Florio, and are “veganizing” certain recipe classics.

The edible content is a precursor to Well Within’s addition of food. The company will add its first nutritional supplement in the next six months, but it plans to branch beyond that.

“One day in the future we’ll be developing food products as well,” Tavoularis said.

Through its web site, Well Within also offers health coaching through a network of certified professionals. “It’s similar to a personal trainer,” Tavoularis said. “It’s your personal mentor and guide to help you feel your healthiest through diet and lifestyle choices.” Health coaches are meant to simplify and tailor wellness plans specifically for each client.

In order to get people to the web site and involved with the Well Within community, Florio and Tavoularis plan to use search and content marketing. The pair have also launched an Instagram account, and will seed Planted in Beauty with influencers.

Down the line, the company plans to expand its beauty offerings. “Our next steps in beauty will be body, hair and then eventually makeup,” Florio said.