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Leon Bridges Reimagines ‘Blue Mesas’ as Fragrance

The Grammy award-winning music artist has collaborated with L.A.-based Salt & Stone, offering skin care and a candle.

Reflecting on the fragrances he developed with Salt & Stone, Leon Bridges — the Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and producer — said they were the embodiment of his song “Blue Mesas.”

Leon Bridges x Salt & Stone JUSTIN CHUNG

“Which is about just kind of being isolated, feeling isolated in the midst of people that love you,” he continued in a phone interview.

He named the limited-edition collection after the title and the line is composed of a body wash, deodorant and candle. The body wash ($36), a bestseller for the Los Angeles-based skin care brand, has notes of black rose, lily, spiced cloves, mahogany, vetiver, santal and amber. The deodorant ($20) uses the same scent, free of aluminum, alcohol and parabens. Both are cruelty-free and vegan, packaged in post-consumer recycled materials and recovered ocean plastic. The candle ($49), coconut and soy wax in a glass vessel, offers tobacco, leather, honey bourbon, toasted vanilla, rosewood and oud.

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“They trigger some of those core memories from when I was in the open mic scene,” Bridges said of the deep and bold aromas. “A lot of my peers around that time were wearing patchouli.”

The smells also remind him of home.

“My mother, she was really into incense and my dad used to rock with this fragrance called Domain, which had a musky, woody scent to it. And so, I wanted to bring both of those worlds together.”

The 33-year-old, signed to Columbia Records, made a mark with his 2015 debut album “Coming Home,” releasing the single of the same name and soulful hit “River.” In 2018 he dropped “Good Thing” — winning him the Best Traditional R&B Performance Grammy for “Bet Ain’t Worth The Hand” — followed by “Gold-Diggers Sound” last year. He’s currently working on new music.


“I just want to define what my sound is and do something that’s unique within the R&B space,” he said. “There’s a few songs here and there I’ve been able to work on, but still trying to land on what the vibe is for the next one.”

He’s been touring nonstop since February, he said, and was taking a break from the road.

“This whole year has been somewhat of a whirlwind,” he went on. “It’s been awesome to spend time at home.”

He lives in Fort Worth, Texas.  

“It’s a grounding city,” he said. “I’m able to get that recharge and that freedom of being home.”

The Salt & Stone bundle ($89) is out Friday exclusively on the brand’s site. Minimalist, with sustainability in mind, Salt & Stone was founded by Nima Jalali in 2017.