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Malin + Goetz Builds Retail Network, Rum Franchise

Malin + Goetz is the latest indie beauty brand to inhabit NoLIta.

NEW YORK — Malin + Goetz is upping its retail footprint with a new store in downtown Manhattan.

The 13-year-old brand just opened a 400-square-foot door on Elizabeth Street here, its ninth freestanding store and fourth location in New York. Adjacent to Le Labo and directly across from Aesop, Malin + Goetz is the latest indie beauty brand to inhabit NoLIta.

“Each door is intended to reinterpret the brand for its locality and neighborhood. We felt that we had a little bit of creative license here that we haven’t been able to have in places like Santa Monica, where it’s more traditional and conservative. We allowed the architect to have a little leeway,” Matthew Malin, cofounder of Malin + Goetz, said on a tour of the new space.

Each store is cofounders Andrew Goetz and Malin’s version of a traditional apothecary done in a “modern way,” with certain decor elements present in all nine of the brand’s freestanding stores. Shelving and the repetition of products remain the same in every door, according to Goetz, but beyond that, everything else is different.

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For instance, the Chelsea store is designed around a white corian “box” at the front that houses skin care. There is exposed brick and a cement floor, with fragrance at the back of the shop in a black wood case. The NoLIta door is a dark black space with sleek metal shelving and a long, white marble counter running down the center of the shop.

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Unlike many of its other stores — located in neighborhoods that lend themselves to high replenishment rates from locals — the Elizabeth Street door is one of two stores in a “prominent tourist location,” Goetz explained. (The other is on Seven Dials in London near Covent Garden.)

In addition to building its direct business, the brand has expanded its distribution this past year to Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols, Space NK shops-in-shop within Nordstrom and Forty Five Ten. The 60 stockkeeping unit collection has about 600 points of global sales, with the U.S. driving the largest portion of sales. Malin said the brand counts the brand’s U.S. e-commerce site at as the “single biggest point of distribution for us today.” He declined to comment on revenue but maintained that the company typically sees about 35 percent increases annually, with potential to see 70 percent growth this year because of increased distribution.

About 40 percent of the company’s business comes from skin care, but Malin and Goetz don’t like to use the term “antiaging” to push their products. They bill the unisex range as a “simple skin-care solution with an emphasis on sensitive skin” — from a head to toe perspective.

“There is no such thing as antiaging. We all age, but there are things to do to age more gracefully and things to do to slow the aging process. We’re not about antiaging, were about gracefully aging,” Goetz said of items like a new Revitalizing Eye Cream, $92, and a Recovery Treatment Oil, $82.

He added that the brand’s bestselling Rum franchise will see the addition of a Dark Rum Eau de Toilette, $165, and a Rum Body Lotion, $34.