There continues to be a new wave of direct-to-consumer selling in the beauty industry. Think brands like Beautycounter, Glossier and TrèStiQue. The latest is a skin-care company manufactured and developed by Mana Products Inc. called Junetics, which was founded to help independent associates create their own beauty empire.

Today Junetics will launch at a two-day event at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel, where independent associates will learn how to build and grow their own beauty businesses.

“The idea behind Junetics is to take advantage of our innovation here, manufacturing capabilities and marketing capabilities and help entrepreneurs start their own beauty business,” said Nikos Mouyiaris, founder and president of MANA Products.

Jim Mannion, president of Junetics, added, “It’s so important to have individuals sell products that perform and you have an enthusiastic user that’s had great results and reaches out to their family, friends and their network of social contacts.”

Junetics will launch with three stockkeeping units, Pure Energy Day Serum, $98, Pure Energy Night Cream, $109, and Pure Energy Eye Cream, $50. The energy-powered skin care contains the company’s proprietary E24 complex, which includes gluco-E, plant stem cells, copper and amino acids and hyaluronic acid and silicium.

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“[The E24 complex] enables cell communication,” said Mouyaris, “which sustains the energy of the skin.”

Debi Theis, senior vice president of marketing at MANA Products noted that the company is targeting a 35 plus age demographic and it will eventually launch additional products and categories.

Meanwhile, products are sold through Junetics’ independent associates and via

Although executives wouldn’t divulge sales, industry sources estimate that Junetics could do $30 million to $50 million in its first year at retail.

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