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Marcia Kilgore Launches Bath and Body Range With Liberty

The serial entrepreneur behind the Bliss Spa group, Soap & Glory and FitFlop will launch a bath and body product range exclusively with Liberty next month.

LONDON — Marcia Kilgore will launch a bath and body product range exclusively with Liberty next month, WWD has learned.

The Soaper Duper lineup includes a body wash, hand wash, hand cream, body lotion and body butter in an assortment of scents such as Zesty Lemon, Green Tuberose and Zingy Ginger. It is comprised of natural ingredients including plant-derived foaming agents and emulsifiers, natural oils, butters and emollients. The line is packaged in recycled plastic bottles designed by Welsh industrial designer Ross Lovegrove.

A creative adviser for the brand, Kilgore — the serial entrepreneur behind the Bliss Spa group, Soap & Glory and FitFlop — looked at several environmental issues, which inspired her to create the range.

“We’re now saddled with landfill, climate change, plastic oceans, water shortage, pollution, unsustainable ingredients needing reformulation, fish eating our exfoliators, antibiotic resistant everything,” said Kilgore. “We looked at the ingredients that people have worries about (founded or unfounded, there are worried consumers everywhere) and we realized that we could create a fun and very commercial brand that could also act as a mouthpiece to inspire others to think differently.

“With Soaper Duper, we aimed for a combination of incredibly commercial, but also ‘good’,” she added. “To present at least partial solutions to challenges like the environment and our water supplies, through doing what we do every day, and through a commodity product and the conversation opportunity around it. We can make amazing, quality product, with fun design, without any suspect ingredients, in simple recycled and recyclable packaging, and that gives something back to the community, at a very affordable price point.”

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The line is priced at 6 pounds, or $7.80 at current exchange, for a hand wash to 11 pounds, or $14, for body butter. It will be available on Oct. 13 at Liberty. In addition, the brand aims to aid charity organizations including WaterAid and Clean the World.

“At start-up, we’ve committed to contributing at least 150,000 pounds [or $195,000] to WaterAid over the next three years, to help in their efforts to provide impoverished communities with clean water,” said Kilgore. “As we also believe strongly in soap (it’s the most effective form of antibiotic) we also support the Clean the World group, who sterilize and recycle hotel soaps and teach proper hand washing techniques to kids (and their parents) in developing countries. For our team, finding places to give back that are relevant to our business — two organizations that champion the use of soap and clean water — is fundamental. The partnerships make sense to us, and we think they will make sense to our customers.”