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Borghese Names Mariacarla Boscono to Help Restage Brand

The model is the 61-year-old brand's new face.

NEW YORK — Borghese Roma is getting a revamp, and it’s tapped Mariacarla Boscono to help.

The skin-care brand, founded in 1956 by Rome’s Princess Marcella Borghese, this week revealed fresh packaging, a global distribution strategy and Boscono as brand ambassador.

“We are the original mask — Fango was the original mud mask that launched 30 years ago. It’s our hero…[and] even though the brand was neglected, Fango was the star and had demand,” said Sarah Stein, executive vice president sales and marketing at Borghese. She noted that the two versions of the Fango Mud mask, formulated with hyaluronic acid-packed acqua di vida from the Tuscan region of Italy, were among the first to be packaged in updated sleek, white jars with gold lettering and accents.

She said Borghese’s hero products — Crème Saponetta cleansing cream; $35; Intensive Age-Defying Exfoliator, $38, and Fango Delicato and Fango Active Mud masks, $38 each — were repackaged first to convey the story of “The Treatment Trio, Italian Skin-Care Regime.” The rest of the range will follow suit.

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“We decided what we needed to do was to focus on our heritage. The brand, the product, the Fango was the original. It’s still the best and everyone has been copying it all this time, so why not go out and tell the world who we are?” Geoffrey Lurie, chief executive officer of Borghese.

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Later this spring, she added, will see the launch of the Acqua Ristorativo Hydrating Concentrate, $92, and Restorative Eye Compresses, $32 for four masks, with additional products to hit in the fall.

Asia comprises half of Borghese’s business with the other half coming from the U.S., largely driven by Macy’s and Lord & Taylor. About 10 percent of U.S. sales come from the brand’s digital flagship at

Stein said the brand is in the midst of expanding its global distribution, which hovers around 500 doors right now (as of late last year, the team was scouting potential retailer partners in South America). Ultimately, Stein added, she could see the line carried in 2,000 doors worldwide, inclusive of fragrance. The brand will also refine its product offering from 250 stockkeeping units, or sku’s, to about 75.

“We love the princess [Marcella] because the values that she represented are those that Millennials appreciate. She was a princess, a businesswoman, a mom and a muse for Pucci. The norm would have been to just be a princess,” Stein said, likening Boscono to a modern-day version of Princess Marcella. “[And] who really embodies it all? It’s Mariacarla.”

A new e-commerce site at went live earlier this year, featuring the Treatment Trio and campaign imagery of Boscono that was shot in Italy last September.

“Millennials don’t want to know about logos or advertising campaigns. They are interesting in authenticity and heritage. Why, what, who, where and when — and who better to tell them than the Roman goddess herself?” Lurie said. “The one thing we’re not going to do is go against the Lauders of this world head to head. We aren’t going to out advertise them. We are going to go to the roots using social media programs to tell them [consumers] what they want to hear, not what we want them to hear.”