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MDSolarSciences Relaunches Web Site

MDSolarSciences relaunches its Web site and secures a new skin care patent.

As direct-to-consumer sales have become the hot spot for beauty brand distribution, MDSolarSciences is relaunching its Web site at the end of May.

Although, the brand, which is known for its sun-care and sun-repair products, is sold at retailers like Sephora and Space NK, MDSolarSciences wants to build an “authentic relationship” with its consumers.

“E-commerce is so important,” said Mary F. Rodrigues, president of MDSolarSciences. “In this age, there are so many places where you can have your brand sold, but you need your own Web site to not only find information, but build a relationship and that’s what we’re focusing on.”

The Web site will be more image driven and feature an e-commerce shop, a new animated video to better understand sun-care terminology and the brand’s blog S.H.E. or Skin Health Exchange, which launched last year and educates consumers on ingredients and topics that might be a bit confusing, like UVA and UVB rays.

“S.H.E. allows us to take all the knowledge of our Scientific Advisory Council [the company’s organization consisting of 12 physicians who creates the brand’s innovative concepts and formulas],” Rodrigues said. “There are topics out there that people don’t really understand and we want to break it down and demystify things. We don’t sell product on S.H.E. It’s educational. If we can teach you something about protecting and taking care of your skin and you go and make an informed decision, we’ve done our job. Buy from us, even better.”

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Meanwhile, MDSolarSciences has experienced significant growth. According to Rodrigues, the company grew 42 percent last year and is looking to double that this year.

“We’re planning to expand all our distribution channels in the professional and prestige market,” she noted.

Segueing to products, the company was approved a few weeks ago for its patent SolSci-X, which stabilizes different ingredients in sunscreen. While the patent is only available in two of MDSolarSciences products, Daily Anti-Aging Moisturizer SPF 30 and Quick Dry Body Spray SPF 40, the brand is developing new and innovative ways to use it.

“A lot of what we’re going to be doing [in the future] is going to be based on that patent,” said Dr. Robert J. Friedman, a clinical professor at the NYU School of Medicine and founder and creator of MDSolarSciences. “What we are aiming to do now is safely protect with chemical sunscreens and safely protect with physical sunscreens.”