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MyBlend Takes Another Trip Outside New York

MyBlend headed to Studio at Fred Segal.

After a bumpy start, Groupe Clarins USA is taking its retooled myBlend skin care brand out on the road again.

MyBlend will make its debut on the West Coast at the Studio at Fred Segal in Santa Monica, Calif., on Oct. 1. The brand was launched in six Saks Fifth Avenue doors a year ago, then consolidated into the New York flagship in an effort to build a repeat business, according to Frederic Cohen, sales and marketing director of myBlend.

In addition, the company will add a sixth booster lineup, on top of the original five, that is designed to customize the basic formula for occasional, special needs. The myBlend skin care range consists of eight blends aimed at particular life stages. The boosters, mixed with the daily cream, are meant to help users cope with special situations, like the aftereffects of cosmetic surgery.

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One, called Jet Lag, is aimed at easing the wear and tear of travel. Jet Lag, priced $45 for a 1.5-ml. syringe, is based on the science of chronobiology, or the idea that biological rhythms are run by an inner clock that must be resychronized to avoid a fatigued, dehydrated look.

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According to Cohen and other Clarins executives, once myBlend was launched, it became evident that the brand’s sophisticated science of personalization required a more effective brand story at point of sale. And the retail effort needed to be refocused on Fifth Avenue.

Cohen, who rejoined Clarins four months ago after three years with Bond No. 9, has been putting his efforts into developing repeat customers at the Saks flagship, the core of the business. He maintains that the renewed effort is working, with 40 to 45 percent increases. Saks executives could not be reached for comment.

At Bond No. 9, Cohen worked as export director. Previously, he was with Clarins for seven years, holding a series of marketing and managerial posts in New York, Paris and Milan.

He noted that the addition of Fred Segal will make the business bicoastal and add a completely different customer profile. Robin Coe-Hutshing, founder and chief executive officer at the Studio at Fred Segal, said she has tested the line in her Santa Monica store and conducted extensive research and evaluation. “It is a very special concept that requires the right format,” she said, adding that “we have always specialized in customization. We thought it would resonate with our customers.”