DALLAS — Natura Bisse thinks it’s onto the Next Big Thing in skin care.

In October, the treatment company plans to introduce an antiaging serum that it believes represents a new category of “biomarker cosmetics” whose impact can be measured at the chromosomal level.

“For Natura Bisse, this is like the iPod was for Apple,” asserted Gerardo Gomez, chief executive officer of the U.S. subsidiary of the Barcelona-based firm. “The entire company is focused on this launch.”

An extension of the premium Diamond collection, Diamond Life Infusion is the company’s first product to warrant a patent application, he added.

That’s because it uses natural magnetite extracted from bacteria to activate and prolong the life of adult skin stem cells and impart retinoid-like effects of increasing skin smoothness without dryness, irritation and sun sensitivity, the company said.

The creamy serum also introduces a nanoparticle diamond delivery system inspired by the use of miniscule diamonds to transport cancer-fighting drugs. It also contains an ingredient that preserves the life of stem cells as well as the signature active ingredients that make Diamond Extreme moisturizer and Diamond Extreme Eye the bestsellers of Natura’s 300 treatments.

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Retailing at $590 for a 0.8-oz. crystal jar, Diamond Life could rack up $6 million in first-year retail sales, or about 10,000 jars, Gomez said. Neiman Marcus will launch it exclusively Oct. 1, and it will debut worldwide in March.

Tests showed that the emulsion affected four biomarkers: preserving and stimulating adult stem cells; increasing the length of the telomere caps that protect the chromosomes that enable cells to reproduce; reducing the production of progerin, the protein that ages cells; and minimizing oxidative damage to cells, explained Michael Ann Guthrie, vice president of retail experience, international division.

“This is the most intensive lifting and firming product we’ve ever had,” Guthrie said. “You are rebuilding the infrastructure of skin from the inside out.”

Natura Bisse’s annual wholesale revenue is $58 million and is projected to triple within five years, said Veronica Fisas, chief executive officer and managing director. “We think with our brand positioning and expertise, we can make it.”

Natura’s U.S. business gained 18 percent last year and is accelerating at the same rate this year, largely through increased distribution, she and Gomez explained. By penetrating high-end specialty retailers and destination spas, Natura now has 250 American doors compared with 163 in 2010.

But the biggest increases are expected to come from the Middle East, where Natura’s four-year-old business is more than doubling, as well as Russia, which is gaining about 30 percent annually, and China, where distribution begins in June.

Natura intends to cater to Chinese luxury shoppers with the July launch of a three-step cleansing process inspired by an Asian custom of using multiple cleansers. Launching at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman’s in Dallas, Honolulu and Houston, the Diamond White cleansing system compliments the Diamond White brightening serum that has momentum in Asia.

Earlier this year Natura launched The Cure Sheer Touch, a tinted body lotion, and NB Ceutical Tolerance Enzyme Peel, a gentle daily exfoliant gel for sensitive skin.