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Amidst goals of spending less, working out more and maintaining a healthier diet, beauty consumers also are undoubtedly vying for a younger appearance. To wit, multiple beauty brands, including Nuxe, Fresh, Kiehl’s, Yves Rocher and Merle Norman, will be ushering in antiaging solutions early this year.

Utilizing its proprietary Super 7 Complex, Fresh’s Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream, $42, is said to improve radiance, clarity and aid in collagen synthesis. Incorporating ingredients found in nature — lotus flower extract, blue-green algae and fig fruit extract — as well as vitamins C and E, the cream, according to the brand, will provide a full day of moisture, improve elasticity and defend against wrinkles. “What sets Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream apart from other moisturizers is the fact that it is the ultimate hydrating cream on the market today,” said Fresh cofounder Lev Glazman. “One of the most important things needed to preserve a youthful appearance and to prolong the life and health of the skin is hydration — the loss of hydration ages our skin very quickly.”

Nuxe, on the other hand, purports to attack aging skin with three flower extracts: passionflower, anchusa and poppy. The brand’s newest, Nuxellence Jeunesse Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid, $75, claims to “recharge skin” and repair mitochondrial DNA, which, according to Nuxe, is a key element within the skin cells’ energy production. The lightly fragranced antiager is said to diminish and smooth wrinkles, restore the skin’s plumpness and even out the complexion. “[It] is a revolutionary antiaging breakthrough in skin care,” said Nuxe founder and chief executive officer Aliza Jabes. “Backed by Nuxe’s botanical expertise, the brand’s laboratory identified three flower extracts that demonstrated efficacy in repairing the mitochondrial DNA.”

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Also taking its cue from Mother Nature, Yves Rocher will, in February, introduce its Anti-Age Global collection, which utilizes an advanced form of plant source cells. The line — consisting of Complete Anti-Age Eye Care, $42, Day Care, $59, and Night Care, $59 — is said to brighten, firm, repair and regenerate the skin. “Yves Rocher was able to go beyond the third generation [technology] for the first time ever, using a cellular stimulation mechanism called elicitation,” said brand research and development director Xavier Ormancey. “This mechanism lets us guide, stimulate and potentiate the production of metabolites to make the cells more active and therefore, more effective.”

For its part, Merle Norman is looking to combine science with old-fashioned motherly advice. The brand’s Anti-Aging Complex Emulsion, $60, and Eye Cream, $40, contain broad spectrum SPF to prevent damage and repair damage. “You can’t talk about effective antiaging without sunscreen; it’s like taking two steps forward and three steps back,” said Merle Norman senior product manager, Anne Marie Nicolet. The brand will also be incorporating its exclusive Triple Peptide Complex, which will consist of snap-8 to boost collagen, matrixly synthe’6 to fill in wrinkles, and relistase, said to enhance elasticity. “Our exclusive Peptide blend addresses antiaging at many levels,” said Nicolet.

While improving the skin’s elasticity is a benefit being claimed by all, Kiehl’s will be making it the core focus for its Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream, $50. Combining copper PCA, calcium PCA, and apricot kernel oil, the cream, according to the brand, will improve elasticity — crucial for a youthful appearance and beginning to decrease in the 20s — by one third. “All consumers want to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and very often, the importance of elastic is overlooked in treatments meant to address those issues,” said the brand’s USA president, Chris Salgardo. “Elastic is actually integral to providing structural support to the skin, and minimizing those changes that come with aging.”

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