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Neydharting Moor Hosts Beauty Breakfast

The Austrian skin- and body-care brand hosted a breakfast for beauty editors and bloggers in the Champagne Room of The Plaza hotel in New York City.

The team from Austrian skin- and body-care brand Neydharting Moor hosted a breakfast for beauty editors and bloggers on Wednesday morning in the Champagne Room of The Plaza hotel in New York City. The event, which highlighted the brand’s newest product, the Regenerating Night Cream, also provided a closer look at Neydharting Moor’s unique proprietary ingredients, peat and peat water, derived from an ancient, nutrient-rich lake in Austria.

“Thirty thousand years ago, as the Ice Age was receding, a fertile valley was created in Austria,” said Dr. Dennis Johnson, chief executive officer of Moor parent company and U.S. distributor Botanika Research Laboratories, based in Palm City, Fla. “This lake — or moor — is spring-fed, meaning it never went dry.”

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According to Johnson, this natural resource — from which the brand’s key ingredients are sourced — contains more than 1,000 botanicals, herbs and nutrients, 300 of which have antiaging properties. Each product in the line contains a blend of these skin-healing ingredients (which are also said to be anti-inflammatories), paired with peptides, designed to calm, balance and clarify skin as well as improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

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“In 800 B.C., Celtic priests noticed sick animals going to the moor to be healed,” said Johnson, who added that historical figures like Louis XIV, Napolean and Josephine also utilized the moor’s black mud for health and beauty benefits.

Each of Neydharting Moor’s products — which range from $55 for a toner to $150 for the Night Cream — are manufactured out of Linz, Austria, in partnership with the Moorbad Neydharting Clinic (where customers looking for a treatment can expect a two-year wait). The brand — which is also sold in more than 30 South African spas and hotels — has been available in the U.S. since August via According to brand executives, talks are under way with brick-and-mortar retailers, with distribution expected to materialize in the fourth quarter.

Neydharting Moor also offers two professional services a “slimming and detoxifying” Moor Body Wrap and a Peat Facial, available exclusively at Canyon Ranch Spas in the U.S. The launch of its newest product brings the brand’s total stockkeeping unit count to eight, with more products to come in spring.

“The product line is simple, concise and gender-neutral,” said Neydharting Moor global creative director Nicola Gross to editors during the breakfast. “It changes your skin almost immediately after you use it.”