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NFL’s DeAndre Hopkins Appears in Oars + Alps Campaign

The Arizona Cardinals wide receiver talks the campaign, life in quarantine and his birthday plans.

Natural skin-care brand Oars + Alps is launching its first campaign featuring Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

The campaign titled “Take to the Oars” — from the Latin proverb, “If the wind will not serve, take to the oars” — sees Hopkins training and using Oars + Alps products while reminiscing on a key moment in his childhood.

“My second grade teacher made us write down what we wanted to be when we’re older, and I said an NFL player,” Hopkins said in a voiceover to Claude Debussy’s “Clair de lune.”

“DeAndre is a great example of someone who ‘takes to the oars,'” said Oars + Alps cofounder Mia Duchnowski. “When hardships or obstacles get in his way, he digs deep to find the strength to continue the hustle. He’s an athlete that needs quality, natural and healthy skin- and body-care products that can work as hard as he does.”

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The four-time Pro Bowl player only uses natural products and had used Oars + Alps products in the past, including the Shine Free lip balm and Dry Hand repair cream that he said are his favorites. “I like natural things, that’s who I am,” Hopkins said. “[Using natural products] is becoming more of a trend, but it’s an old mind-set.” He was also drawn by the fact that the brand was founded by two women, Duchnowski and Laura Lisowski Cox, since he was raised by a single mom.

Like many men who have had their grooming routines altered due to COVID-19, Hopkins said his routine now consists of shaving and cutting his own hair, as well as working out twice a day and hiring a chef, who has prepared meals to hone in on certain parts of Hopkins’ body.

“My routine has definitely changed,” he said. “It’s not the best, but it’s all changed for the better I feel, because it’s teaching me things about myself.”

Born in Clemson, S.C., Hopkins was drafted by the Houston Texans in 2013 but was traded to the Arizona Cardinals in March and relocated. “Being in Arizona is different than being in Houston, but change is good,” he said. “It’s peaceful out here, serene. It’s one of those places where you tap into yourself more and do more things to grow as an individual.”

With a new team and new city, there is also a new skin-care regimen. “As far as grooming, it’s definitely changed,” Hopkins said. “Houston is humid and Arizona is dry. I’ve been trying out Oars + Alps products to combat that. It takes awhile to adjust to something, but Houston is one of those places you’re going to sweat when you go outside so you don’t want to put on too much lotion. I’ve been trying Oars + Alps sunscreen, too.”

Hopkins also celebrates his birthday on June 6, and hopes to visit Sedona and go camping with friends. “I want everyone to come together, hang out and put their phones away,” he said. “It’s going to be a quarantine birthday hopefully in the mountains of Sedona.”