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Nourish Organics Entering Premium, Antiaging Categories

The only beauty brand in Whole Foods to brandish a USDA Certified Organic label is branching out.

Nourish Organics, the only beauty brand in Whole Foods to brandish a USDA Certified Organic label, is branching out — first with its first facial skin-care line, then with a new antiaging body range called Promise, to be sold on QVC in February.

“What’s interesting about Whole Foods is that it has one of the more difficult assortments to navigate, there are a lot of brands and a lot of fragmentation,” said Rob Robillard, president and chief executive officer of Sensible Organics Inc., adding that Nourish Organics has tripled in sales between 2012 and 2014. “What’s helping us be a success is that it’s a simple choice to recommend for people looking for the organic seal.”

While the trend toward organic beauty products may seem to have slowed in recent years, Robillard said it is still alive and well, but is a difficult category to break into.

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“Brands have to document from the farm all the way to the retailer shelves that [products] never come into contact with a chemical and that is costly and takes a lot of time,” said Robillard. “Because our first formulas were in 2003, we’ve had over a decade of refining them and the manufacturing processes to make product that feels and acts like conventional products.”

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To that end, later this month, Nourish, which is co-owned by Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor, will introduce its first facial-care line, which contains at least 95 percent organic ingredients and bears the USDA seal.

“Argan is a universal theme in the line,” said Robillard. “It’s a deeply nourishing ingredient.”

The Nourish Organic facial skin-care collection, comprises a Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser with Cucumber + Watercress, $13.99; Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion with Argan + Rosewater, $21.99; Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum with Apricot + Rosehip, $23.99, and Ultra-Hydrating Face Cream with Argan + Pomegranate, $22.99.

Although the brand would not disclose numbers, industry sources estimate the new facial line could generate $5 million in its first year at retail.

To market the line, the brand will initially partner with IPSY, the online community founded by Michelle Phan, to distribute 125,000 samples of the Face Lotion its beauty community. In addition, Nourish, which just entered Canada, will offer samples of both the Face Cleanser and the Face Lotion through select retail partners.

In another brand extension move, Nourish will enter the premium body-care category with a new range called Promise, launching on QVC in late February.

The collection, which is formulated with antiaging botanicals, vitamins and antioxidants, is said to improve skin’s elasticity. Products include a Moisturizing Body Wash ($15), Gentle Foaming Body Polish ($25), Intensely Moisturizing Body Butter ($35) and Hydrating + Restorative Neem Oil. Each product, which is formulated with ingredients like organic aloe, organic shea butter and neem oil, is available in three different scents: Milk & Honey, Lavender Chamomile and Cucumber Aloe. “When it comes to fragrance in organics you’re superlimited so since the very beginning we’ve partnered with some of the best fragrance houses who believe this is an important category, too,” said Robillard. “Our goal is to make Promise a big success at QVC and at some point partner with synergistic retail outlets.”

Industry sources estimate Promise could add another $5 million to the overall Nourish business in its first year at retail.