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Olay to Launch ‘Your Best Beautiful’ Campaign

The brand is aiming to help women put their best face forward in the New Year.

Olay aims to help women put their best face forward in the New Year.

Early next week, Procter & Gamble’s $2 billion skin-care line will launch a marketing campaign that cuts across all its subbrands called “Your Best Beautiful.”

“The campaign is about women not settling and being their best beautiful,” said Leigh Radford, vice president of global skin care at P&G. “When women feel beautiful, they stand taller and embrace life. There’s a skip in their step.”

Radford, who described the effort as “multilayered and unapologetic,” said the message will be communicated through affirmations, or first-person promises. “It brings a woman’s voice forward.”

It will be articulated across each of the subbrands — from Fresh Effects, a line tailored for young women, to Regenerist, an antiaging range.

The digital effort will launch on Monday, via a video on Olay’s social media channels. Radford said consumers will be able to share their best beautiful moments on Olay’s social media outlets. The digital campaign will be followed by TV, which will premiere during the Grammy Awards on Jan. 26, and print ads featuring the new Regenerist Luminous collection in February books.

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The campaign follows past efforts such as “Love the Skin You’re In” and, most recently, “Challenge What’s Possible.”