Onomie's products double as makeup items with the benefits of corrective skin care.

Onomie, whose products double as makeup items with the benefits of corrective skin care, unveiled its first new product since the direct to consumer e-commerce company launched a year ago.

The Powerful Priming Serum, which quietly hit onomie.com earlier this month, is a dual-purpose formula that gives the skin a soft focus finish. It can be used directly before applying makeup or on its own as the last step in one’s skin-care routine. The serum, which has slight luminescence, retails for $50 and comes in the brand’s signature pale pink packaging.

Amy Fan, general manager of Onomie, said that in terms of skin care, the formula contains three naturally occurring active ingredients: Blackjack Botanical, a bio retinol that slows down the production of melanin; Daisy Flower Extract to prevent dark spots, free radical skin damage and discoloration, and Willow Bark Extract, a natural form of beta hydroxy acid that acts as a natural exfoliate.

Like Onomie’s first two products — the $30 Bright Concealing Elixir and the $40 A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment — clinical testing was performed on the priming serum, which took 18 months to create.

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“There was a panel of 30 women that were subjected to a clinical test of the product,” Fan said of instrumental testing used to measure the luminescence of the skin as well as overall skin tone. “That’s why our products take so long to make — there are a lot of form challenges to create both skin care and makeup.”

A Healthy Skin Service also hit in tandem with the rollout of the third product, which according to cofounder Kal Vepuri, is designed to enforce “the idea of continuity around product.” In other words, it’s an auto-renewal system that allows the consumer to select if they want to receive new product every three, four or six months. Choosing this option shaves $5 off the price and makes it so that there is hopefully no lag time between a product running out and a new one arriving.

“We have a multifunction product that has clinically demonstrated real skin-care benefits — but you have to apply it properly but also you have to use it regularly if you want the outcome that we talk about and that we show on the site,” Vepuri said.

He added that Onomie is looking at an off-line activation for the holiday season as well as a possible collaboration. A fourth product will be released later this year that will compliment the existing range, but Fan and Vepuri were mum on specifics.

Kepuri, a serial entrepreneur an investor, said multiple beauty retailers have expressed interest in carrying the range, but wholesale doesn’t make sense for the self-funded venture, which is deeply rooted in a direct selling model.

“If we were to go wholesale, we would have to raise the prices. We want a direct connection with customers,” he explained. “If we’re able to find wholesalers who are willing to get creative — whether it’s an experiential activation [or something else] — we’re open to that.

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