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Partnerships Between Brands and Physicians Build Professional Skin-care Sales

Kline Group research documented gains in professional skin care of 6 percent over the past few years. ZO Skin Health notched quadruple that pace by working closely with physicians for products delivering fast and noticeable results.

Physician-dispensed Skin Care Growing at 6
Hydrafacial Brightalive Booster Serum.

Recent research from Kline Group revealed that the physician-dispensed skin-care market has grown at a rate of about 6 percent over the past five years. That doesn’t surprise Mark Williams, the chief executive officer of ZO Skin Health Inc. His company, in fact, ended 2017 with sales gains surging 25 percent over the year before. ZO is identified by Kline as a company on the move.

“This is significant growth and we believe it has been fueled by patients getting smarter and more educated about their skin care. Ingredient information is readily available on the Internet, on the news and social media,” he explained. Moreover, he continued, physicians are starting to understand the advantages of supplementing office procedures with take home products to enhance outcomes. The next step is further cementing bonds with physicians and brands.

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Rolling out now, in fact, is ZO’s partnership with The Hydrafacial Company which is associated with its technology to cleanse, extract and hydrate skin. The result is Hydrafacial Brightalive Booster Serum that allows a full-circle approach to skin health. The Hydrafacial Brightalive Booster Serum is available through physicians and dermatologists.

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The collaboration is also expected to have a halo effect on other items in the ZO arsenal. “Patients that, in addition to getting monthly [or more frequent] Hydrafacial treatments featuring the Hydrafacial Brightalive Booster Serum, should complement the in-office procedure with a ZO at-home regimen,” suggested Noelle Denlinger, vice president global marketing for ZO. The add-on purchases are expected include everything from ZO’s Dual Action Scrub to its Complexion Renewal Pads. Last year’s launches were credited with nudging up the double-digit sales gains such as Rozatrol Instant Pore Refiner, Daily Power Defense and the Brightalive Skin Brightener. Combined, these additional products are estimated to deliver more than $20 million to total ZO sales.