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Perricone Gears Up for Skin Care Launch

Inspired by chicken eggs, the antiaging cream launches on QVC today before heading into Sephora in January and Ulta and other specialty stores in February.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s newest skin-care product brings a new spin to the phrase “a good egg.”

Perricone — a board-certified dermatologist who founded Perricone MD skin care in 1998 — was inspired by chicken eggs for OVM, an antiaging cream which is scheduled to launch on QVC today before heading into Sephora in January and Ulta and other specialty stores in February.

Specifically, Perricone used the eggshell membrane as his starting point for the proprietary Bio-Matrix Technology, which powers OVM. “That thin layer between the egg white and the eggshell was designed by nature to have a perfect matrix of compounds which nourish and protect the egg,” said Perricone. “We’ve harnessed the intelligence of the matrix and enhanced it with other biologic actives, including an extract of certain proteins from colostrum, to create a product which works unlike any topical treatment currently available.” Additional products containing the technology are already in development in his labs, said Perricone.

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Perricone calls OVM “one the most important launches in the history of the brand.” One key reason is its gentleness along with efficacy, he said.

“Unlike many efficacious wrinkle-addressing products such as Retin-A, which can irritate sensitive skin, OVM delivers those same benefits without irritation, said Perricone. “Under a microscope, OVM outperformed Retin-A in an eight-week study — without irritation,” he said. “In addition, unlike Retin-A, OVM does not cause photosensitivity.”

Perricone noted that three antiaging benefits are triggered with OVM. “This strengthens thin, fragile skin, giving it bounce and elasticity, erases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and minimizes dark spots and discoloration,” he said, adding that OVM is intended to help promote collagen and elastin.

A 2-oz. jar will retail for $165.

While Perricone declined to discuss sales projections, industry sources estimated that OVM could do $25 million at retail in its first year on counter.

Print advertising is slated for February fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines.

At full rollout, OVM will be in about 1,500 specialty stores and on and