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Private-Label Skin-Care Business Cosmetic Solutions to Build Out More Space

In order to meet an increase in demand, the manufacturer is adding a second floor and enlarging production facilities.

Private-label manufacturer Cosmetic Solutions is adding 25,000 square feet to its Boca Raton, Fla., headquarters in order to meet demand.

The business has roughly 40,000 square feet now, and is planning on building a second floor to its facilities and adding to its existing footprint. Most of the space will be for the manufacturing side, with additional space for the production floor and warehouse.

Cosmetic Solutions primarily makes skin-care products, ranging from creams to sunscreen, as well as some hair products. Chief executive officer Mervyn Becker started the business about 25 years ago with his plastic surgeon brother, Hilton Becker, to mix up creams for patients to use before and after surgery. Other cosmetic surgeons heard about it, wanted their own lines, and the business was born.

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“We were focused on making products for [Hilton’s] patients pre- and post-surgery,” Mervyn Becker said. “A big focus of what we did — really, it was him — was really clean formulations…[and] scientifically tested ingredients.” About 10 years later, outside brands began approaching the business. “Once these other brands started coming to us…that’s really when our business exploded,” Becker continued.

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Innovation-wise, he said, Cosmetic Solutions was one of the first to make a product that was just glycolic acid and water, meant to be applied topically with cotton gauze, and pioneered hyaluronic moisturizer.

The physical expansion should help accommodate the company’s growth. Job-wise, Cosmetic Solutions added about 20 new jobs last year, and anticipates adding about 10 more in 2016. The business anticipates a 20 percent to 25 percent jump in revenue for 2016, the Beckers said. Cosmetic Solutions has about 1,000 active customers, according to the business. About 60 percent of the business’ sales are domestic, while about 40 percent are international.

“A lot of these spa-specific brands have gone retail, and there is really no incentive for these spas to carry these brands when the patient can go online and just buy it, so [the spas] have incentive to do these private-label brands,” said Warren Becker, chief operating officer and son of Mervyn.

“We’re very heavily involved in online marketing and marketing ourselves. We’re also restructuring our internal sales team, and we’re going after more customers, larger customers, which has helped to…increase our output of units,” said Warren Becker. “There’s also a big demand for American-made skin-care products and cosmetics,” he said.