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Putting Faces Forward: Sadick’s Park Avenue Prescription

The products have been developed by a “think tank” of skin care experts.

Dermatologist Neil Sadick is aiming to write a new prescription for consumers with Park Avenue Prescription, a skin care line launching now online at and in July at Sephora stores.

The products have been developed by what Sadick calls a “think tank” of skin care experts working with his Sadick Dermatology Group. “Park Avenue Prescription targets aging on three different layers: on the epidermis, where it reduces redness and cell turnover; on the dermis by stimulating collagen and tightening skin, and the hypodermis, for volume replacement,” he said. The products — AM Protection Cream, priced at $36; PM Reversal Serum, $48, and PM Rejuvenation Cream, $38 — are sold separately in 0.5-oz. bottles or together as a set for $70. “We feel using all three together yields the best results and want to encourage purchasing that way,” said Sadick of the kit, which contains a month’s supply of the regimen.

According to Sadick, Park Avenue Prescription came about when Sephora approached him with a request to create an easy-to-use, effective and affordable antiaging skin care system for its clients. The products will be sold in about 150 Sephora doors and at The brand will also use QR code technology on its packaging and in-store displays at Sephora. Potential customers can snap a picture of the codes on their smartphones, which will launch a video on the phone of experts behind the brand explaining optimal use of the products and the benefits behind them.

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While Sadick declined comment on projected sales for the products, industry sources estimated they could do $2 million at retail in their first year on counter. Sadick said that products for the eyes, hair, hands and acne are in development. “This will happen very rapidly over the next year,” he said.