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Robin McGraw Partners With Jessica Wu on Skin-Care Range

The two came together to produce a line of 14 advanced products launching on Nov. 15.

No woman can do it alone. Not even Robin McGraw.

The founder and chief executive officer of the brand Robin McGraw Revelation and wife of television mainstay Phil McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil, has teamed with dermatologist Jessica Wu to create a 14-item skin-care collection. After entering the skin-care category two years ago with five products, the collection priced from $22 to $66 lifts the sophistication level of the brand’s formulations for customers expanding their regimens beyond basics.

Inspired to launch her brand by her mother Georgia’s premature death at 58, McGraw said, “I felt the first five products were very important for a woman that’s never put herself first and taken care of herself. She needed products that were going to work, not take long and be affordable. These new products are not replacing those, they are just taking those products and stepping it up. I have worked at telling women you deserve more than you understand and believe. Now, I’m telling them you deserve to step it up to luxury products.”

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The path to linking with Wu on the elevated skin-care products began several years ago when McGraw sought out a doctor to treat folliculitis, a common skin condition characterized by inflamed hair follicles. “Someone told me you must go see Jessica Wu. I made an appointment and went to her office. Within the first five minutes, I knew that not only would she be my dermatologist, but we were going to be friends,” said McGraw. “I trusted her, and we became instant friends. I certainly knew she knew what she was talking about, and she helped me.”

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Since that early visit, McGraw delved into making skin-care products and plowed Wu — who introduced her own cosmeceutical line and joined forces with Hatchbeauty on a serum that sold at Costco — with questions about what drives skin-care results. “One day, I said, ‘This is ridiculous. I’m taking up your time and turning to you for your knowledge, what would you think about partnering with me? You have the brains. I have the passion,’” she recounted. “I thought, ‘What had I been waiting for?’”

Wu jumped at the chance to collaborate with McGraw to broaden the audience for her skin-care solutions. “Up until now, I didn’t know how to reach more women. Nationwide, fewer than 10 percent of women have a dermatologist or other skin-care expert to guide them, and I thought that was really sad. I can’t help so many women as a doctor in one city,” said Wu. She promptly set out to devise products with McGraw that yielded both immediate and long-term skin improvements, and test those products thoroughly on herself and her patients.

Among the skin care products, which have catchy names to inject fun into the business of serious skin care, Wu developed with McGraw, her personal favorite is OMG Is This Really ME?, a gel derived from natural clay. “It is kind of like putting on your Spanx underneath your clothes. It gives you that extra boost of confidence knowing all the little fine lines are filled in and the crepiness is smoothed out so your makeup looks as good as it possibly can,” said Wu.

Wu also highlighted the products Face It, You Look Amazing, a serum fueled by four peptides, and Vita-boost, a serum packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, provitamin B5 and ferulic acid. Speaking of Vita-boost, she said, “My patients are very savvy about ingredients. It’s not enough to just have vitamin C in the product. Vita-boost contains 20 percent vitamin C, the highest concentration of vitamin C that can be stabilized in a product.” Turning to Face It, You Look Amazing, she said, “Not all my patients are interested in injectables, and this is a way to relax expression lines without having to resort to injectables or, for people who are doing in-office treatments, it can be used as a complement.”

The products are housed in blue, white and silver packaging, and motivational quotes from McGraw are included under the lids of the outside cartons. “The packaging is a big ‘thank you’ from me for embracing the message of my first launch. Women are going to want to leave the products out, they are so beautiful,” said McGraw, adding of the color palette chosen, “It says, ‘It’s now time for yourself.’ I like the way the colors blend in the packaging. It’s like a beautiful pool of water or the ocean. I believe it’s very fresh and cleansing.”

In 2014, Robin McGraw Revelation skin-care products premiered on HSN and were projected by industry sources to generate in excess of $20 million in their initial year on the market. Currently, the brand is in talks with a number of major retailers to nail down an exclusive arrangement for the collection produced with Wu. It will be available on the web at starting Nov. 15.

“I didn’t hesitate to launch exclusively on HSN for our first line. They offered us a great partnership, and it went wonderfully. Their return rate [for Robin McGraw Revelation skin care] was less than 2 percent, and it had never been that ever, and we held that record for a long time,” said McGraw, expressing confidence that the new products will be “even more successful” than the previous merchandise. From a retail perspective, she said, “This is very different and I’m not surprised. We will be in every retail market out there and on luxury online sites as well. Right at this very moment, we are deciding exactly how to make everyone happy. It’s a very good problem to have.”