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Sabbatical Beauty Launches Spring Line, Breathe

Inspired by the ingredients of Korean skin-care, associate professor Adeline Koh founded the line while she was on sabbatical.

Beauty start-up Sabbatical Beauty has launched its spring line, Breathe, which is made with ingredients inspired by Korean beauty routines.

“I wanted to have something that focused on being light and being rejuvenated,” said founder Adeline Koh, who is an associate professor of literature at Stockton University in New Jersey. “A lot of my inspiration comes from higher education and academia, so for professors and students it’s the spring semester…everyone’s really tired right now…my collection is trying to inject some relaxation into that, and tide them over until summer starts.”

Koh, who is on sabbatical, founded the line in December because she was frustrated by the beauty products in the market, which used product formulations with a small amount of active ingredients.

“I started making products just for myself, and then my friends saw me making products and they wanted them,” Koh said. Sabbatical’s items, which Koh makes by hand in small batches, are sold online. “I’m looking into getting them distributed by other retailers,” Koh said.

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Breathe includes products such as Blush beauty oil, which contains sake extract said to brighten and moisturize, and Moar Honey II Serum, which boasts 48 percent propolis and royal jelly extract, aiming to brighten dull skin. The group also includes Bright Eyes Eye Gel, Camel Milk & Yeast wash off mask, Camel Milk Cream, Dew Bubble Bath & Body Wash, Earth Dry Mask, Eden Coconut, Rose & Peony Facial Mist, Lift Serum, Lotus Pressed Serum, Moar Honey II and Lip Tints. Products retail for between $12 and $95.

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The ingredient lineup boasts camel’s milk, which is said to be rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids that exfoliate as well as Vitamins C and D; Brewer’s Yeast, which is heavy in vitamin B, plus tumeric, Goji berries, rice bran, kale and spinach. Camel milk, featured as 48 percent of the line’s Camel Milk Cream, has really has really taken off as an ingredient in Korean beauty, according to Koh.

Since the line launched on March 22, Koh has logged more than $3,000 in sales, she said. A summer line launching in late May is in the works, with products made from snail secretion, dragon’s blood and red wine.