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Saje Natural Wellness Ramps Up U.S. Expansion

The business just opened two new California locations.

After 25 years in business, Saje Natural Wellness is solidifying its footprint in the U.S.

The Canadian aromatherapy brand, which makes skin care, body care and essential oils, just opened two new West Coast doors — one in San Diego, Calif., another in Berkeley, Calif. — as part of a plan to expand in the U.S. market. Those doors are part of the company’s long-term growth strategy, which includes getting to 250 retail locations by 2020. For 2018, Saje’s sales are projected to grow 25 percent, according to industry sources.

Saje is a player in the growing wellness movement that has been sweeping the market. Beauty companies have moved into aromatherapy as many adopt a more holistic take on beauty — examples include Goddess Garden’s aromatherapy perfumes and Tata Harper’s aromatherapy line.

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Saje’s products center around essential oils, priced between $12.95 for Eucalyptus Essential Oil to $109.95 for Rose Essential Oil. The company also sells oil blends for home diffusers, the diffusers, candles and personal-care products. Saje also makes a facial-care lineup with Rose Renewal Skin Toning Moisture Lotion, $34.95; Bliss Mist Harmonizing Facial Toner, $29.95, and Rejuvenating Elixir Nourishing Skin Serum, $29.95. The brand’s body line includes Carrot Hydrating & Nourishing Body Lotion, $21.95; Sunshine Smoothie Exfoliating Tamarind Body Scrub, $18.95, and Peaceful Warrior Deodorant, $12.95.

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Saje’s ethos is centered around education, customer service and experience — things LeBlanc says are tied in through the brand’s stores. “The backbone is a handful of remedies and organic skin care,” LeBlanc said, describing the product line. 

“Our vision has always been one of global wellness,”said Saje chief executive officer and cofounder Kate Ross LeBlanc. The company, headquartered in British Columbia, has been making natural, plant-derived products since 1992. With the two new California locations, Saje now has 19 stores in the U.S., and more than 50 in its native Canada. In 2017, Saje opened a total of 23 new stores in the U.S. and Canada. For 2018, it is expected to grow sales 25 percent, according to industry sources.

“The U.S. shopper is a little more open and a little less skeptical,” said Saje chief executive officer and cofounder Kate Ross LeBlanc. “We have found that there’s a lot of awareness.”

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