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Sapelo Adds New Ingredient for January Serum Launch

The natural, luxury skin-care line is using a new marine ingredient in its next product.

Natural skin-care brand Sapelo Skin Care is harnessing the power of a new ingredient for its latest product.

The brand is set to launch Spring Tide Serum, priced $195, in January. The Savannah-based business is the brainchild of cofounders Stephanie Duttenhaver and Cindy Edwards, who collaborated with their doctor husbands in order to create a natural brand focused on efficacy and luxury.

“We loved the idea of something natural and gentle for our skin, but we found that those products and ingredients didn’t work very well for us at all,” Edwards said. “Everything that women are turning to today is based on the science of controlled inflammation,” said Duttenhaver. The duo decided, in connection with their Georgia-based chemist, to look for ingredients that mimicked the effects of the body’s immune system during “controlled inflammation” and created the line’s first products — Renewing Serum, Rejuvenating Cream and Softening Emollient with Essential Oils — infused with the same amino acids that the immune system uses to repair the skin, in 2015. The serum retails for $260, the cream for $250 and the emollient for $95.

After that, the team started looking for ingredients that could be “game-changers” Duttenhaver said.

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“We found a brand new marine cosmetic ingredient hat had the most amazing studies,” she said. “We found that this particular ingredient has a phase 3 randomized study…what they found is that this ingredient at the 5 percent concentration had a 350 percent increase in collagen production.”

That marine ingredient, called Salmon Roe Extract, is paired with a high concentration of natural active fatty acids, including Omega 3, vitamin A, vitamin E and peptides, is the star of the Spring Tide Serum.

Duttenhaver and Edwards have been working with Bona Fide Beauty Lab, the advisory business started by former Dior North America chief executive officer Pamela Baxter and cofounder Cathy O’Brien. “When they pulled the products out of the box, I just thought, ‘This is interesting and intriguing and something new,’” Baxter said. “Most of the natural products I have seen in the market are not in the luxury space.”

As of now, Bona Fide is only playing an advisory role, but Baxter did not rule out an eventual investment. “This is a brand we have our eye on,” she said. “It could lead to an investment down the road. We’re introducing them to retailers.”

Right now, the company’s product range is sold at a handful of high-end spas and boutiques. “We are looking for and working with the very top of the market retailers where women shop for luxury,” Edwards said. “We’re on track to double our profits for 2017 and are looking to partner with several key new retail outlets,” Duttenhaver added.