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Shiseido Targets Millennials in Japan With Recipist Brand

The line will be sold online only, with the aim of reaching digital natives through social media and smartphone marketing.

TOKYO — Shiseido is launching a new brand of skin-care and body-care products targeting Japanese Millennials. Called Recipist, the line will include a total of 27 products and will go on sale from Nov. 1.

A spokesman for the company said Friday that Shiseido has not been a strong player among young people, something the company has been working to address and rectify in recent years.

In July it launched Waso, which targets Millennials in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East with skin-care products made with ingredients inspired by Japanese food.

“Waso is unique in that it is based on Japanese cuisine. It uses food ingredients and has a Japanese ‘taste,’ which appeals to young people in other countries,” the spokesman said. “But since Recipist is only for the Japanese market, we aren’t marketing it as a brand with a Japanese taste, but rather a reasonably priced brand with cute packaging that will appeal to young people in Japan.”

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The new brand will target “digital natives,” namely women in their early 20s. In a release, Shiseido said these consumers have fewer skin troubles than previous generations, but that sometimes their skin’s balance is disrupted due to factors related to lifestyle or insufficient care.

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Recipist aims to restore the balance with products formulated with natural ingredients such as rose extract. The products are designed to be effective, both when used alone and in combination with one another.

Derived from the word “recipe,” the brand name is meant to invoke a sense of empowerment among young women, the idea being that customers can create unique, individual lives and beauty.

Recipist will only be sold online only, through Shiseido’s own e-commerce platform and on other sites such as Amazon. Marketing efforts will be centered around social media, since Millennials in Japan tend to live their lives through their smartphones.

Prices will range from 290 yen to 840 yen, or $2.55 to $7.45, with lotions priced in the center of the range at 590 yen. Other products will include hand cream, body lotion, sunscreens, lip balm, serums and BB cream.