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Simply Venom: Two Anesthesiologists’ Answer to Skin Care

Simply Venom contains two products that reportedly stave off the need for injectables, according to its anesthesiologist cofounders.

Dr. Monica Lilore and Dr. Milija Milic have taken their combined 35 years as anesthesiologists and developed the new skin-care line Simply Venom.

The collection, which quietly went on sale this week on and, is comprised of two products that reportedly stave off the need for injectables, according to its co-founders.

“We’re using our experience with what we do every day, which is using muscle relaxants. The muscles working on the face affect the aging process and wrinkling, and by manipulating that, we can mimic the effects of injectables, but topically,” Milic said of the Simply Venom Day Cream and the Simply Venom Night Cream, which retail for $59 and $69, respectively.

Simply Venom contains SYNOX-MD, a proprietary complex of active peptides and purified yeast ferment delivery system that mirrors the way muscle relaxants work in anesthesia. He said that the topical formula, when used morning and night, works to decrease the appearance of wrinkles, boost collagen production and tighten the face. Clinical trials showed that facial wrinkles decreased by 52 percent and collagen was boosted by 76 percent after 28 days of usage.

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It’s also the latest project that Jean Zimmerman, the beauty veteran who spent nearly three decades at Chanel as executive vice president of sales and marketing for fragrance and beauty, has a hand in.

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“I was intrigued by the anesthesiologists’ development and the concept of a more potent surface antiwrinkle product,” Zimmerman said. She is both an adviser and an investor in the company.

Beyond their anesthesiologist’s point of view, the cofounders said two other things set this product apart. The first is that all ingredients used are included in their clinically recommended level, and the second is that the name and concentration of each ingredient is clearly listed on the bottle and packaging.

Lilore and Milic maintained that although no venom is used to formulate the cream, the desired results mimic that of snake venom. The duo spent two-and-a-half years developing the synthetic peptide found in Simply Venom.

“The reality is, our muscle relaxants work the same way that a peptide found in the venom of a snake works. Even though we’re using muscle relaxants every day, and not using venom, they work similarly in structure and function [to venom],” Dr. Lilore said.