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Sisley Doubles Down on Eyes

Sisleya L’Integral Eye and Lip Contour Cream launches next month.

Sisley’s best-selling product is getting an update.

On Aug. 3, Sisleya L’Integral Eye and Lip Contour Cream — an update of the brand’s Sisleya Global Anti-Age Eye and Lip Contour Cream — will hit counters across the U.S. A host of plant-based active ingredients — from Atlas Cedar extract to fermented pomegranate extract — have been pumped into the new $210 formula, with the addition of a preparatory Ridoki tool included.

This marks the first time the original Sisleya Global Antiage Eye and Lip Contour Cream has seen an update since its release in 2000. According to Christine d’Ornano, international vice president of Sisley, it’s also the brand’s latest effort to address the genetic, environmental and behavioral factors that contribute to aging. (The original formula only addressed the first two.)

“It’s taken a year longer to develop [than we planned] because we’ve really focused on the eye area. It addresses all types of behavioral aging, but we also looked at other issues of the eye area,” D’Ornano explained.

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Specifically, she’s referring to dark circles, of which there are two kinds: those with a blue tint from lack of circulation and those with a brown tint resulting from toxins in the system. The cream also contains caffeine to help with puffiness and Oat Seed extract that works to lift a “droopy eyelid.”

And instead of an applicator to put the product on, Sisley wanted to give consumers an instrument with skin-care benefits to use alongside the eye and lip cream.

“It cools, soothes and relaxes. You’re smoothing and helping to improve the circulation with the cool tip. There is a specific massage technique as well. The tool gives it [the product] a more scientific edge, as well as a spa element,” said Sonya Menon, Sisley’s senior vice president, marketing and education, of the Ridoki tool that’s traditionally used in Japanese culture as a way to prep skin. The tool’s benefits include a boost in micro-stimulation, de-puffing the eye area and amplifying the product’s effects.

The attention paid to the Contour Cream’s relaunch shows the importance of the eye and lip category to the Paris-based brand. An industry source projected that the new product alone could do $100 million in retail sales globally in its first 12 months. Industry sources say the entire Sisleya range — also comprised of serums, hand creams and more — drives more than 20 percent of the company’s sales in the U.S.

Sisley declined to comment on overall global sales, but Jim Maki, president of Sisley, projected that the Sisleya Global Antiage Eye and Lip Contour Cream will be the biggest launch of the year. In addition to repeat purchases from established customers, the product is being positioned as a recruiting vehicle to attract a new, and sometimes younger, consumer to the brand. At $210, the product is priced at the lower end of Sisley’s skin-care offerings, Maki pointed out.

“It [Sisleya Global Antiage for Face] became by far the number-one product when it came out, it took 20 years to develop. It went through so many different names,” D’Ornano said, calling the current Antiage Face Cream the top product in value for the company in the U.S. market.

The Sisleya franchise’s hero product, Sisleya Global Antiage for Face — which launched in 1999 and saw the addition of an extra rich formula in 2004 — was re-released last year and renamed Sisleya L’Integral Antiage. Normal and rich versions of the revamped formula hit counters in February 2016.

She noted that the original product was developed using the most advanced technology available in the late Nineties to address the different aspects of the aging process. Or at least the ones that were known at that time.

According to D’Ornano, only two catalysts for aging were known when the first iteration of Sisleya came to market: genetics and environmental stressors. But today, she said, behavioral factors — from how one eats, to how much they sleep, smoke or drink — can affect one’s skin just as much, if not more.

“This is the third dimension that Sisleya Integral has,” D’Ornano said of the face and now, the eye cream.