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Sisters Keep Family Skin-care Business Expanding to Honor Mom’s Passion

Why the time is right to expand Tu'el beyond salons and spas.

With parents who were hairdressers, Lisa and Lori Nestore grew up in the salon business. It was only natural the sisters would stay in the beauty world.

But instead of focusing on hair, they pursued their mom’s passion for skin care. Their mother Eva Friederichs created a skin-care range called Eva’s Esthetics more than 30 yeas ago — representing one of the first American professional skin-care lines in the business.

Eva’s Esthetics was the foundation for Tu’el, which the sisters renamed using their first initials. What was ahead of its time was that Eva’s Esthetics curated choices for every skin type, ethnicity, gender and age — well in advance to modern-day strategies. Friederichs also was the founder of the first advanced training institute for aestheticians in America. Beauty runs in the family with other relatives now serving as the third generation of the fast-growing skin care Youth to the People line.

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Now the Nestore sisters are putting their imprint on the Tu’el franchise. The range includes the Deep Pore Cleansing System, Hydrate Super Serum Moisture Gel, U Turn Firming Peptide Serum, Absorb Mattifying Serum, C Power Antioxidant Vitamin C Serum, Green Clean Invigorating Body Wash, Triple Splash Hydrating three in one body tonic, Botanical Blast Ultra Rich Body Lotion, Rescue Me Essential Oil Antioxidant Concentrate, Lift Up Firming Mask and Power Scrub Exfoliating Wash. Two items are just being launched online: Rehab Acne Serum and Make Amends Acne Night Cream. Prices range from $32 to $72 at

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Founders of Tu'el Keep Mom's Passion
Lisa and Lori Nestore

Lori Nestore assumed the role of sales and education, traveling the U.S. and internationally to train skin care professionals. Lisa Nestore heads marketing and product development. They discussed the brand and future plans with WWD.

WWD: Was there ever a doubt you’d stay in the business?

Lori Nestore: We’ve spent our entire lives immersed in the beauty industry. We grew up, literally, in our family salons. Since then, we have learned the ins and outs of the biz and have surrounded and slathered ourselves with products and treatments as licensed aestheticians.

You could say that we’ve inherited [mom’s] passion for beautiful skin and a healthy lifestyle.

WWD: How would describe Tu’el?

Lori Nestore:  Tu’el delivers high-performance botanicals specifically designed to treat all skin types and conditions. Our custom formulations give the most effective results that balance and improve skin’s health and overall appearance. We’ve stayed true to mom’s vision and have modernized it for today’s health-conscious and informed consumer. Mom knows best, and we’re here to make her proud.

WWD. You have a focus on pores. What’s the theory behind that?

Lori Nestore: Not all pores are alike and each skin type should be treated with specific botanical plant extracts to result in perfectly balanced and beautiful skin. For us, it’s all in the pores. Our mother showed us that determining skin types is the first step to setting the stage for healthy skin.  She taught us to determine skin types by looking at your face in a mirror. The skin along your jawline has no visible pores and looks relatively smooth with little texture. Compare the skin along your jawline to the skin next to your nose. Does the texture look the same or do you see larger pores next to your nose? Now look at your entire face excluding your nose and choose your skin type from the images on our web site and now you know your skin type. By analyzing the pores we can treat all skin types and conditions. This serves as a great tool as many consumers don’t really know their skin type and that’s where the frustration lies. We make it easy. Tu’el was created for all age groups, all skin types, ethnicities and gender. Our collections treat Acne, Dry, Combo, Oily, Mature, and Reactive skin.

We feel we have a pretty unique point of difference as we refer to ourselves as The Pore Stars. We say Go Deep or Go Home – it all starts with cleansing, our Deep Pore Cleansing Systems [a cleansing oil and herbal toner] not only cleanse, but protects your skin from environmental aggressors and time. Stimulate cell growth and collagen production and rejuvenate skin all in one step. This duo acts as a cleanser, makeup remover and exfoliator…leaving your skin glowing and not stripped of moisture.

WWD: What is your distribution and why are you expanding online now?

Lori Nestore: We want to increase brand exposure, make it accessible for all, and of course grow the line. We feel our way of treating the skin is unique. We are established in the professional market, that’s in our DNA and the goal is to launch into the consumer market this spring and end the year with a 10 to 15 percent increase.

WWD: Is Tu’el a regimen sell?

Lisa Nestore: Yes and no. Of course, we want our customers to use our entire line, but the products also all work well with other brands. If you’re looking to fill a gap or add to an existing regimen, the Intro Set is a great way to try the Tu’el regimen.

WWD: What are the overarching trends in skin care now?

Lisa Nestore: People are more health conscious every day, and they want more natural, vegan products to go with their lifestyle. The consumer is very educated on ingredients so they know how to read labels. The challenge is keeping up with this movement so our products are in line with our consumer.

WWD: Why is botanical important to you?

Lisa Nestore: There’s a science to the natural skin care at Tu’el. To us, the science is simple: we believe in clean products without any fillers or harsh chemicals. Botanical science is the technology of including natural botanicals into skin-care products. The natural ingredients come from the extracts and oils of plants and flowers in their purest forms. What you put on your skin dictates not only the health of your skin, but also how it looks and feels. Simply put, if you wouldn’t put it into your body, you shouldn’t put it on your body. Beyond the ingredients, there’s a process to beautiful skin. Each step serves a purpose and builds on the next: cleanse, nourish, treat, protect.

WWD: You are located in Northern California, currently a hotbed of beauty innovation. What’s behind that?

Lori Nestore: [Northern California] has been described as a healthy and environmentally conscious city. We believe that the health-conscious lifestyle that we are known for here really drives entrepreneurism and development. And in a culture where looking healthy and glowing is the ultimate goal, it only makes sense that there’s a natural gravitation toward beauty, the vegan movement, botanicals and creating products that help with that desire in California.

WWD: What is in your new product pipeline?

Lisa Nestore: We are always improving our formulations to be more natural so that is an ongoing project. We just launched two new acne products, Rehab Acne Serum and Make Amends Cream. These are great additions to our acne line and really helps heal the skin as well as clear it up, gently without damaging the skin. We are also looking at new ingredients for anti-aging as this is such a big market. Looking youthful with beautifully balanced skin is always the goal.