Avya Skincare

The beauty industry has adapted to individual needs, be it products for textured hair or broader foundation shades for the wide range of women’s complexions. Skin care, however, has been more of a one-size-fits-all.

While focusing on skin types and antiaging, the industry has overlooked the levels of melanin in skin, according to Deepika Vyas, the chief executive officer of Global Beauty Science, which has just launched Avya Skincare to address that issue.

Deepika Vyas 

“I’ve always felt frustrated that I couldn’t find skin-care products that worked for my skin,” said Vyas. Everyone has different levels of melanin based on genetics and heritage, she added. This month, Vyas’ company launched five formulas under the Avya logo developed with the needs of, but not limited to, those with higher levels of melanin. The ingredients and technology address the skin’s melanin cycle, sebum production, cell turnover and texture.

More than five years in development, Vyas said the concept encountered roadblocks in the early days, including generating retailer interest. “People weren’t ready to accept the idea then,” recalled Vyas. Compounding that was the challenge to communicate the idea. Now the timing is different thanks to social media, she suggested. Consumers are also on a quest to learn about ingredients and products online. “Everyone is so much more comfortable talking about our differences and how people’s needs are different,” Vyas explained.

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The Avya Skincare collection consists of five formulas that together deliver a total skin-care program. Each product contains what it called the exclusive Qusome complex, which combines three botanicals used in ancient times — peony, neem and turmeric — and a technology that delivers their benefits deep into the skin. The lineup includes a Gentle Cleanser that is non-foaming, an antiaging serum with Vitamin C, a Daily Moisturizer SPF 20, a Night Moisturizer with Vitamin A and an Eye Bright Cream with Caffeine. Prices range from $40 for the cleanser to $165 for the serum.

For now, Vyas is adhering to an online sales platform to learn more about consumers before engaging retail partners. Along with her business partner Dr. Tanuj Nakra, Vyas has an arsenal of other Avya innovations in the works, which will launch later this year.