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Skin-care Line Appriya Launches Online

The line was inspired by a trip to an aquifer.

A chance dip into a pool led to the creation of a skin-care line called Appriya that’s benefitting from consumer interest in its healing properties.

The originator, Oui Coulson, saw marked improvement in her skin hyperpigmentation after swimming in the pool, which was filled with water from a natural aquifer 96 feet below the surface. Her cousin’s acne dried up after swimming in the same water.

“Now I had to figure out what to do with this water,” said Coulson, who knew she had to put it to use. Upon researching it, she discovered it had just the right amount of hydrogen peroxide to help regulate oxygen on a cellular level. Also, the water attracted key minerals as it flowed through marble.

Along with Dikka Amuchastegui, who also experienced skin issues remedied by the water, Coulson recruited a cosmetics chemist to develop Appriya (the word is Sanskrit for beloved water). Each product formula begins with the proprietary mineral water as a base and is combined with antiaging ingredients. The water is not only a key ingredient, but also works as the delivery system.

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“I’ve been fascinated by skin care and cosmetics since I was young,” said Coulson. “I’ve had a passion to find products that work but are also healthy and not made with harmful ingredients.”

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Industry experts said the timing is right. Not only are hydrating items from Asia gaining traction, but also the next hot button in beauty is said to be correcting formulas. “We feel the line appeals to people with very specific and common problems such as acne and skin discoloration. Also, people like that they see real results,” said Amuchastegui.

The Appriya range includes a Comprehensive Mineral Day and Night Cream, a Delicate Zone Mineral Serum and a Mineral Complex Serum. Prices range from $129 to $489 for a collection. Also in the pipeline: Mineral Cleansing Mousse and Mineral Tonic.

For now, the lineup is available online, but the company is interested in high-end spas.