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Skincare Lab Launches Exfoliator

Los Angeles-based Skin Research Laboratories is introducing a skin polish, neuRadiance, $79, to the market Saturday.

There are some beauty companies that work behind the scenes, quietly manufacturing serums, scrubs and lotions for other brands that sell and distribute them. Los Angeles-based Skin Research Laboratories had done just that for decades, until 2007 when it stepped into the spotlight with the introduction of its popular lash-growth serum neuLash. After two subsequent successful launches — brow- and hair-enhancing formulas — in the seven years since, the company is introducing a skin polish, neuRadiance, $79, to the market Saturday.

According to Skin Research Laboratories chief executive officer and founder Richard A. Carieri, the key ingredient in the formula is its natural magnesium crystals sourced from the Dead Sea. “Some companies use walnut shells for exfoliation, but if those get into pores, they irritate the skin,” said Carieri. “We use magnesium that’s not too rough and is healthy for the body should some remain on the skin.” Other ingredients include bromelain — an enzyme extracted from pineapples — that reportedly aids in exfoliation and shea butter to moisturize. Carieri says the result of applying the blend is “baby-smooth skin.” The product has already tested well in Sweden, he added.

NeuRadiance hits shelves at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s on Nov. 1 and will be available online at and Though the company declined to comment, industry sources predict the exfoliator could do $5 million in sales during its first year.

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