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Sophia Hutchins Launches SPF-Tech Business Lumasol

"As we look to expand our product portfolio in the greater health and wellness space, you'll see some different consumer-facing products that are integrated with tech."

Sophia Hutchins, the 23-year-old manager of Caitlyn Jenner, is launching her long-awaited sunscreen brand Lumasol on May 1, as Skin Cancer Awareness Month kicks off.

Due to the coronavirus, Hutchins found herself pushing back the launch date and softening the marketing plan for the brand — but Lumasol 1.0, the first product, will launch online May 1. 

Lumasol 1.0 is a clear, odorless, water-resistant SPF 50 that comes in a 10-ml. glass vial housed inside refillable, tech-enabled outer packaging that Hutchins calls the “engine.” Pulling packaging inspiration from the fragrance industry, the engine’s atomizer will allow users to spritz themselves with SPF multiple times a day. The engine’s color adjusts based on UV exposure and serves as an indicator to consumers when it’s time to reapply.

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SPF 50 Lumasol 1.0 is meant to be applied multiple times per day.

The idea came to Hutchins when she would apply setting spray or powder, and wished there was a SPF component, she said. Lumasol is meant to be compatible with beauty conscious consumers and can be applied over makeup.

“This consumer does not have an SPF they can reapply throughout the day,” Hutchins said. “They know they need one, but they don’t want to mess up their makeup. They don’t want to put cream all over their face.”

Lumasol 1.0 starter kits start at $49 for the engine, three refills and accessories. Subscription replenishment kits cost $25 for three refills. One-time refill kits are $30.

Hutchins, who studied finance at Pepperdine University, said she is a “quick study” when it comes to tech, but that she also worked with a consulting group on the project.

“After spending six to nine months with a leading management consulting firm that I can’t name because we have confidentiality agreements in place, in Silicon Valley, we really innovated together on what we’re capable of doing with technology. I would say, ‘This is my vision as the founder,’ and they would say either, ‘Reel it in,’ or ‘Sophia you could actually do that,’ or, ‘Sophia, that’s being done,'” Hutchins said.

Right now, Los Angeles-based Lumasol has eight full-time employees. The company raised $3 million from Founder’s Fund and Greycroft in 2019, Hutchins said.

While Lumasol will start with just one tech-enabled product, the plan is for the company to create more versions down the line.

“The number-one focus of the Lumasol brand is innovative ways of protecting yourself from the sun, but as we look to expand our product portfolio in the greater health and wellness space, you’ll see some different consumer-facing products that are integrated with tech,” Hutchins said.

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