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St. Ives Targets Millennials With SoHo Pop-up

Custom-blended facial scrubs and body lotions are on tap.

St. Ives wants to show Millennials that it’s more than just their mother’s apricot scrub.

The Unilever-owned skin-care brand, perhaps best known for its quintessential drugstore staple — the Apricot Fresh Skin Scrub — has opened a pop-up shop in Manhattan’s SoHo to demonstrate just that.

The 1,800-square-foot space at 577 Broadway is equipped with a mixing bar for customized facial scrubs and body lotions, a sink station for product testing, a vending machine that dispenses free samples and an “apricot infinity room” photo booth. Running along one interior wall is a display of the ingredients — more than 50 — that customers can choose from when getting their custom products blended. Ingredients steer natural and food-based, running the gamut from ginger and lychee to coconut, papaya and volcanic sand.

At the pop-up, there are no St. Ives products available for sale that one can find in a drugstore — only the custom items, along with candles reflective of scents used in St. Ives products. Face scrubs and body lotions are priced at $12, and the candles are $10.

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“We’re hoping to introduce a new generation of consumers to this brand,” said Suzanne Palentchar, marketing director for St. Ives. “This helps us raise awareness and remind people, ‘Oh yeah, St. Ives! Why haven’t I put that in my basket lately?'”

It is also an opportunity for St. Ives to gain insight for future product development.

“We are tracking data like crazy,” said Palentchar. “So if 80 percent of people are [choosing] watermelon agave, we’re going to listen to that.” 

The pop-up is open until July 30.