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Alpha Blu Positioned as ‘Affordable’ Stem Cell Skin-care Line

The line was inspired by the company’s stem cell therapy work in emerging markets such as China and Slovakia.

Blue Horizon International just launched a line of affordable skin-care products, Alpha Blu, which includes day and night creams, eye cream and a skin serum all containing ingredients derived from “ethically harvested adult human stem cells.”

The line was inspired by the company’s stem cell therapy work in emerging markets such as China and Slovakia. Dr. Brian Mehling, chief medical officer and founder of the company, said the idea is to “give women powerful, yet affordable, beauty products that will grant them the great benefits that can only come through adult human stem cells.”

Mehling said the Alpha Blu products contain cytokines and proteins “to support the improvement and firmness of skin while promoting elasticity and offering a natural boost to create a youthful glow.”

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The four products include: Alpha Blu Day Cream, which is a moisturizing cream; Alpha Blu Night Cream, which is a nighttime skin-care treatment cream; Alpha Blu Eye Cream, which is a hydrating cream; and Alpha Blu Smoothing Skin Serum, which is a “smoothing serum.”

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The line is available direct to consumers on the company’s Web site, The cost is $100 for a kit of the four products.

When asked about what was behind the product launch, Mehling told WWD that “as stem cell technology advances and after several years of research and development, our experts believe the time [was] ripe to successfully introduce” the line.

“We have studied our competition and based on the results of a recent assay (cytokine testing, growth factors), our skin-care products contain the best attributes to promote skin regeneration and healing,” Mehling said. “While some may say the skin-care market is oversaturated, new and unique products most certainly have a place in the market and provide both women and men with options in how to best to care for their skin.”

Mehling noted that Alpha Blu is not the first beauty product containing ingredients derived from human stem cells, “but our conditioned medium when combined with the products’ other ingredients is uniquely formulated for all skin types.”

“Many skin-care lines offer plant stem cells, but they do not offer any of the benefits of human stem cells,” he explained. “Plant stem cells are primarily formulated in conjunction with other peptides because they are not very active themselves. For example, they do not promote healing the way human stem cells do. They also do not speak the same chemical language. In other words, putting plant stem cells on human skin to trigger growth or regeneration of new skin cells is physiologically impossible. They each have their own kinds of signaling chemicals and therefore can’t understand each other’s signals.”

He went on to say that the product line is suited for all skin types. “It is highly concentrated and infused with several ingredients including anti-inflammatory agents that contain antioxidant properties that promote skin renewal,” Mehling said. “Our target consumers are women and men 35 years old and over who understand the importance of utilizing cutting-edge technology in their skin-care regimens.”

Regarding Blue Horizon International’s philanthropic work, Mehling said the company’s foundation “raises capital in order to support medical centers and clinics by providing cellular and regenerative therapies otherwise not accessible to certain geographic regions.”