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Supergoop Introduces Gym-Buddy Beauty Products

The sun-protection brand's new items are rolling out to Sephora in January as part of the retailer's ath-leisure effort.

Just in time for hitting the gym, pool, yoga studio or trail in January, Supergoop is coming out with three workout-ready products.

The sun-protection specialist is part of a Sephora’s initiative spotlighting ath-leisure merchandise for early 2017 that also includes Tarte, First Aid Beauty and Yuni Beauty. Priced from $19 to $22, its new products Perk Up Lip & Cheek Treat SPF 40, Perfect Day 2-in-1 Double Header and Barre to Bar Beauty Set were designed to be easy to use for active women.

“Ath-leisure represents an overall, all-encompassing wellness lifestyle. It’s a broad movement going on with consumers, and we can be in that conversation because it’s our mission in life to create healthy habits around SPF wearing,” said Amanda Baldwin, president of Supergoop. “This is about a moment to tell our brand story in a way that is super relevant to the consumer conversation and really any product in our line applies to this.”

For Supergoop, translating ath-leisure, a word probably most associated with leggings, to beauty meant providing products in convenient, multifunctional formats. Perfect Day 2-in-1 Double Header, for example, squeezes two items — Everywear Sunscreen SPF 50 and Mint Condition Lip Shield SPF 30 — into one tube. “It’s taking what Supergoop does best and putting it into a very gym bag-friendly, on-the-go package,” Baldwin said.

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The Barre to Bar Beauty Set contains City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30, Daily Correct CC Cream SPF 35, Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 and Perk Up Lip & Cheek Treat SPF 40. Baldwin explained Perk Up “gives you that great flush of having just had a workout.” She suggested that the set was constructed with the idea of transportation in mind as customers journey from work to workouts to dinner. “People are not just using nice packages on their vanity,” said Baldwin, noted that Defense Refresh Setting Mist is a hero product spotlighted in the set to encourage women to reapply sunscreen.

Although some skepticism has mounted as beauty businesses seize upon the ath-leisure concept that started in clothing, Baldwin believes approaching beauty from an ath-leisure perspective has the potential to draw an untapped audience to Supergoop. “We are a young brand and still in our early stages of growth, so bringing in new customers is always a top priority. I do think sometimes, if you tell a story with a different twist, it can resonate with people,” she said, adding, “There will absolutely be an expansion of this going forward.”