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The Latest in DIY: Skin Care Made in the Kitchen

When he was disenchanted with ingredients in traditional skin care, Kevin Lesser cooked up his own.

Kevin Lesser wasn’t intending to become a beauty entrepreneur, but an event with his pet, George, prompted him to create Ktchn Apothecary.

“We call it the Blue Apron of facial moisturizers,” said Lesser of the natural, multibenefit skin care that users literally make in their own home in three steps. “We send you everything you need to make more naturally powerful and fresh skin care at home in less than 10 minutes,” he said.

His journey into beauty started with his dog George. Two years ago when George jumped up and licked his face after Lesser had just applied his facial moisturizer, fear set in. “The first thing that came to my mind was, ‘oh my God is he going to be OK?’ What’s actually in my moisturizer,” he wondered.

As a true animal lover, the thought of what the chemicals could do to George put the wheels in motion. A deep dive into the composition of his favorite skin care revealed the major ingredients were water, Nylon-12 and Polyethylene.

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“I decided I’m not going to put this on my face any more,” Lesser recalled. During his research he realized many of the components are in formulas for shelf life. Like many kitchen beauty innovators, he knew there had to be a better recipe. While he started out to make his own moisturizer, the endeavor turned into a passion project. When he received compliments on his skin and favorable reviews of the formula, he decided to market it to others. He modeled it after subscription food services where everything could be shipped for fresh creation as needed at home.

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“Only when you make your moisturizer fresh can you use up to three times higher concentrations of nutrient-rich extracts,” he explained. “We want to make it easy for our members to take beauty back into their own hands to experience better results and glowing skin.”

His Ktchn Apothecary features 10 nutrient-rich extracts including pure aloe, apricot oil, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, carrot seed oil, lavender oil and rosehip oil along with oats and beeswax. Since the formula is all natural and uses plant-based preservatives, it doesn’t need refrigeration. The glass beaker and stainless steel whisk are reusable.

Consumers take pride in products they create on their own, said Lesser who added the DIY moisturizer has its own set of application recommendations. First off, no more than a pea-sized amount is needed — a little more for dry skin, less for oily. Then rub to warm between damp hands and apply to a wet face.”Splashing the face with fresh water prior to application primes the skin for hydration and allows for a thin, even layer of moisturizer to absorb,” Lesser added. He suggested starting with upper chest and neck and then moving to the forehead. For proper absorption, three to five minutes of wait time is recommended before makeup or sunblock.

Ktchn Apothecary is available at and costs $45 for one-time purchase of the Facial Moisturizer Kit, or $40 for the Facial Moisturizer Kit with auto-replenish deliveries, which can be sent every 30, 45 or 60 days, depending on member preference.