Thea Green Face Inc

Thea Green isn’t only about nails anymore. The founder of the United Kingdom-based Nails Inc is broadening her reach with the launch of Face Inc, a collection of four facial masks retailing for $6 each.

With the entry, she joins the booming market for masks. She indicated it is just the beginning of expansion into other categories, with lips next on the docket. The masks are now available on next with plans to roll out to the company’s nail bars.

Nails Inc is a lifestyle brand. We have always been just as much about fashion as beauty and until now our chosen medium has been the nail. Face Inc is our first sister brand to Nails Inc. Like our mother brand, it’s professional quality with a twist,” said Green.

What she believes separates her sheet masks from the competition is the merger of serious skin-care benefits with a fashionable positioning. She even noted synergy with the nail business. “Our sheet masks are fitting for us as we first launched our business with the 15-minute manicure. Our customers want really effective and fast results so these cheat sheets are just right.”

Green added that Nails Inc was a pioneer in bringing skin-care ingredients such as charcoal, kale and collagen to nail care making the foray into skin-care masks a logical move.

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The first batch of masks feature ingredients including hyaluronic acid, retinol, collagen and vitamin E. Face Inc’s masks target major skin-care concerns including antiaging, dehydration, inflammation and dullness. The products sport whimsical names such as Cat Nap, an instant skin pick-me-up; Flower Power for dry or dehydrated skin; 40 Winks to fight visible signs of aging, and Instant Detox, to “reverse and rebalance the effects of overindulging.”

Green said more sheet masks and a range of mini skin-care pods are in the pipeline. She launched Nails Inc more than 15 years ago after spotting a gap in the U.K. market for professional and high-quality manicures. Earlier this year, Nails Inc introduced spray nail polish that quickly sold out in stores and on the web site.