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Tommy Bahama Partners with Coola for Sun Care

This is the first cobranded beauty launch for Tommy Bahama.

Prestige sun-care maker Coola is partnering with island-inspired lifestyle brand Tommy Bahama to launch a new sunscreen line.

This is the first cobranded beauty launch for Tommy Bahama. “We always had the beach, outdoors and the ocean as the center of our brand. So sun care seems like a natural extension for us,” said Tommy Bahama executive vice president of marketing Rob Goldberg. And Coola felt like the right partner. “We were looking for a company who was passionate about product,” he added. “We found that with Coola.”

In Tommy Bahama, Coola has found an opportunity to reach a broader market, said Chris Birchby, Coola chief executive officer and founder. “We’re a prestige brand,” said Birchby. “It allows us to use the very best ingredients that are difficult to formulate with. But we know there’s a limit in our reach because of our price point. We’ve always wanted to bring healthy sunscreen to everyone.” The result of the union is Tommy Bahama Sunscreen Collection—Powered by Coola. The range includes sunscreen in mineral, spray and lotion formulations with tropical-inspired scents. The collection retails at $4 for SPF 30 lip balm sunscreens and $16 for face and body sunscreens. The products include the collection’s perfect 10 blend, a cocktail of willow bark, hemp, honeysuckle, green tea and other antioxidant and anti-inflammatory natural ingredients.

The Tommy Bahama partnership also expands Coola’s retail opportunities. Sales at resorts are big business for the brand, but retail has until now been primarily limited to poolside and spa. “Before we did the partnership, we talked to our resort properties and asked them what they thought. We wanted to add a new brand that didn’t cannibalize Coola but could add value,” said Birchby. “The Tommy Bahama collection allows us to branch out to these other points of sale around the properties, particularly sports, gifts and sundries.”

Tommy Bahama and Coola declined to comment, but industry sources estimate first-year sales could reach $2.5 million. Tommy Bahama Sunscreen Collection, Powered by Coola will be available in April at Tommy Bahama stores and online and at Ulta. “Sunscreen is not just a luxury for folks — it’s a necessity,” said Goldberg. “People are looking for the best protection they can find, and that’s what we’re hoping to give them with this partnership.”